The Rochester Swim Club (RSC) Program provides a system of instructional and training groups designed to move young swimmers through their swimming careers smoothly and successfully. We restructured our groups in the spring of 2011 in order to better serve all the swimmers on our team. Now our groups are peer-based and use a comprehensive approach to age and ability as we focus on improving each individual’s swimming skills and performance.  

We have five different age divisions: 15 & over, 13-14, 11-12, 9-10 and 8/under. Within each of these divisions we have 2 or 3 groups based on ability. More information about each group can be viewed below. We have a full-time coach dedicated to each group who designs and implements a comprehensive training plan in order to optimize each swimmer's growth and improvement. From novice swimmers to National qualifiers, we have a place for everyone!

Our coaches firmly believe that it is critically important for young swimmers to master proper technique in all 4 strokes as well as starts and turns. Our younger groups are largely instructional and emphasize stroke development and body position above all else. Swimmers learn that you must do strokes correctly before you can go fast. A stronger emphasis on training gradually occurs as swimmers mature physically and mentally and move into upper level groups. 

Some exceptions to a group's age range may be made by the coaching staff in order to ensure each swimmer is in the most appropriate group for their skill and development level. Newer swimmers may need to start in a younger or less advanced group in order to gain fundamental stroke technique. Our goal is always to get each swimmer into an age-appropriate group with their peers as soon as they have mastered the necessary skills.

Mission Statement:

Kids First!


Values Statements:

1. We believe that teamwork is essential for success.

2. We believe in a community that supports health and wellness for all.

3. We promote a culture of continued learning for kids, members, parents and staff.



Our club is a non-profit 501c3 organization governed by a Board of Directors and administrated by our CEO Autumn Kappes.  All communication regarding club function/administration/operations should be directed at Autumn Kappes.  

Chain of command when an issue/question/concern arises:

  • Contact your lead coach
  • Still a problem, contact the head coach
  • Still a problem, contact the CEO
  • Lastly, still a problem, contact all of the Board of Directors 



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Articles of Incorporation:

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Our Board of Directors is as follows:

Email the BOD:

President-Nate Werneberg

Vice President-TR Wheeler

Treasurer-Jonathan Atkinson

Secretary-Todd Severson

Members at Large -

Diane Freeman, Kathy Becher

Adam Martinez, Sr Coach

Autumn Kappes, CEO


Meeting Date




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Athlete Education Council (AEC): 

Helping to promote a better team environment and better communication for all RSC athletes!  Athletes are elected each spring with 2 athletes from the 15/o 1 & 2 and 13/14 1 & 2 groups each.

Current AEC Members (Spring 2018-Spring 2019) - Grant Reeves, Edie Newman, Marcus Yao, Hannah Gwaltney, Kerry Meng-Lin, Chloe Weingarten, Joseph Hegland, Becca Groth.

The AEC can be contacted by email at


Our non-profit 501c3 information can be found on the MN Attorney General's website:

Click on Charities tab, scroll down for search for charity

Type in Rochester Swim Club Orcas in the organization name