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About Us

Stonewall Park Swim Team (SPST)

A summer swim team offering a fun, supportive atmosphere focused on personal achievement, athletic development, and team competition skills. We pride ourselves in offering an enriching swim experience to kids and families from diverse backgrounds with the shared commitment to contribute to a friendly, respectful, and competitive team environment. 


Our coaching staff provides instruction for all ages and abilities--from beginners just mastering basic stroke techniques (Farm Team, starting at age 4) to experienced swimmers up to age 18. Many of our swimmers are year-round swimmers, and some of them are ranked in the top tier at the county and state level. SPST swimmers often go on to swim at the college level after they "age out," and many have come back as coaches or assistant coaches during their college years. All of our coaches are appropriately certified and trained in life-saving techniques. Their focus is to ensure that the time our children spend swimming is quality time.



As part of the Prince William Swim League (PWSL), we compete in the PWSL Divisional Championships each year. In 2017, we won the Divisionals Championship in our tier, moving us up to the Black Division in the county ranking.


The goal of our team is to provide every swim team member with an opportunity to:

  • IMPROVE his or her swimming technique
  • DEVELOP mastery of all 4 strokes
  • WORK toward specific goals and achieve personal bests
  • LEARN how to compete and contribute to the success of the team


Our philosophy is one of inclusion: we want every swimmer to participate and know that they are a valued part of the team. In turn, we encourage every swimmer and family to positively contribute to the Stonewall Park Swim Team "community." This includes supporting team members by ensuring they attend all practices and meets, as well as volunteering to fulfill the many important roles that are required to run each swim meet, such as Timers, Recorders, Stroke-and-Turn officials, etc. (see the Volunteering tab for more information). We have a wonderful group of parents who play a vital role in making the team the special group it is.


Unlike many summer swim teams, we are an independent group and are not connected to a particular community or HOA; we are open to all Manassas area residents who want a great swim experience. We swim at the Manassas Park Pool, a public facility run by the City of Manassas. As a nonprofit club, we are run by an all-volunteer Board of Directors that is elected by the team each year. Team parents and family members are encouraged to become involved with the Board and run for Board office. The Board meets regularly throughout the year to ensure that we can provide the community with an opportunity to be part of a swim team that is reflective of our values and goals.

We Are Not Your Average Swim Team!

For more info, please read our Parent Handbook.

If you have any questions, please contact us.