Team History

Our Proud History!

Welcome to the Dolphin's History Page! The Damascus Dolphins Swim Team has a proud and rich tradition of competitive excellence throughout its 53 seasons in the Montgomery County Swim League.

The Montgomery County Swim League began in 1958 with the initial pools of Cedarbrook, Connecticut-Belair, Glenwood, Kenmont, Garrett Park, and Merlands.  The Damascus Dolphins started in 1966 and officially joined the MCSL in 1967, nine years after it began and the league has grown from these humble beginnings into a nationally respected organization with 87 teams.  Certainly the Damascus Dolphins have been more successful than not over the years and currently hold the second most Division "A" Titles with 8, only behind The Rockville Rays who hold 13. 

The Dolphins have earned:
8 Division "A" Championships
3 Division "B" Crowns
1 Division "C" Crown
2 Division "D" Crowns
2 Division "E" Crowns
2 Division "F" Crowns
Dolphins Head Coaches
2014-Present     Evelyn “Buzz” Maddox
2008-2013         Kevin Beabout
2006-2007         Amethyst Tymoch
2004-2005         Aryn Letterman
2001-2003         Evelyn “Buzz” Maddox
1999-2000         Mark Ward
1997-1998         Jim Kinsey
1994-1996         Walt Bartman
1991-1993         Todd Markowitz
1990                 Frank DeSando
1987-1989         Eric Hough
1974-1986         Steve Ehlman
1973                 Jerry Mejeur
1972                 Dick Krantz
1971                 Elaine Morris
1970                 Steve Lathrop
1969                 William "Bill" Spann
1967-1968         Kerry Wilson
1966                 William "Bill" Spann

What follows are the divisional standings and Team Pictures by year.  No matter the division the Dolphins remain a competitive and vibrant team.... and the story continues. Go Dolphins!


Click on the below links to see Full Division Results and Dolphin Team Pictures!

2021  Division C - 6th Place

2020   Season Cancelled - COVID-19

2019   Division B - 4th Place

2018   Division D - 3rd Place

2017   Division E - 1st Place

2016   Division F - 5th Place

2015   Division F - 5th Place

2014   Division G - 4th Place

2013   Division E - 6th Place

2012   Division F - 5th Place

2011   Division E - 4th Place

2010   Division C - 5th Place

2009   Division  D - 1st Place

2008   Division  C - 4th Place

2007   Division  F - 1st Place

2006   Division C - 5th Place

2005   Division C - 2nd Place

2004   Division B - 6th Place

2003   Division A - 6th Place

2002   Division A - 4th Place

2001   Division A - 1st Place

2000   Division A - 1st Place

1999   Division A - 1st Place

1998   Division A - 1st Place

1997   Division A - 1st Place

1996   Division A - 1st Place

1995   Division A - 1st Place

1994   Division A - 2nd Place

1993   Division A - 1st Place

1992   Division A - 5th Place

1991   Division B - 1st Place

1990   Division B - 3rd Place

1989   Division A - 6th Place

1988   Division A - 2nd Place

1987   Division A - 5th Place

1986   Division B - 1st Place

1985   Division A - 5th Place

1984   Division B - 1st Place

1983   Division A - 5th Place

1982   Division A - 4th Place

1981   Division B - 4th Place

1980   Division C - 1st Place

1979   Division E - 1st Place

1978   Division E - 3rd Place

1977   Division C - 6th Place

1976   Division C - 3rd Place

1975   Division D - 3rd Place

1974   Division E - 2nd Place

1973   Division C - 3rd Place

1972   Division C - 3rd Place

1971   Division A - 6th Place

1970   Division A - 4th Place

1969   Division B - 2nd Place

1968   Division D - 1st Place

1967   Division F - 1st Place

  • According to the 1967 Coach, Kerry Wilson, the team went undefeated and won the Division F championship that year. The trophy is still in the trophy case (I believe it's silver and blue), but the engraving is corroded and difficult to read.

    Standout swimmers were Scott Patton, Bob Webb, Jane Hanson, Cindy Bernard, Donna Chamblee, Mary Pat Kuhn, and Randy and Ronnie Ehlman. It was an incredibly deep team for its day.

    A lot of the credit for the team's success in the early years must go to William Spann, the coach of the 1966 team, which swam unofficially. He was a brilliant coach, patient, dedicated, and energetic, as well as being one of the best butterfliers in the country in his day. He literally founded the team and taught Damascus how to swim competitively.