Build the Base . Promote the Sport . Achieve Competetive Success

Welcome to the exciting world of swimming!

Mission Statement:
Havasu Stingrays Swim Team (HSST) is a 501(c) (3) non-profit organization, established to develop the character traits, technical skills and intense desire necessary for maximum realization of each individual's potential.

HSST Goals:
HSST is founded on the belief that swimming offers an exciting and valuable experience in a person’s life. In a program that is well directed, participants can gain from their own experiences, and the extensive knowledge of our highly trained coaches and instructors.

HSST Competitive Swimming Program:
Havasu Stingrays Swim Team (HSST) swimming is a year-round competitive swim program. We offer an age-group youth program for children age 6 and up, from the beginning swimmer to the most competitive and skilled swimmer. When a person becomes a member of HSST he/she learns the values of sportsmanship and team work. Swimming, with HSST provides physical, social and psychological skills that will last a lifetime.

Coaching Philosphy:

At HSST, we believe in "Athlete first, winning second."

We believe the most important part of your child’s swimming experience is that he/she learns about him/herself while enjoying the sport. Our purpose is to provide a healthy, safe environment which encourages learning and fun; hoping this will develop a positive self-image within each child. We stress the importance of developing individual self-discipline and good sportsmanship through group activity. We believe that competitive swimming allows all children to experience success, because everyone gets to compete and no one sits on the sideline. It also allows children to deal with defeat in a positive manner while becoming healthy and physically fit. Our goal is to develop a year round aquatics program that will challenge each individual. We want to instill responsibility, good work ethics and the importance of goal achievement, while having fun. We think that our team camaraderie and enthusiasm are second to none. We realize not every swimmer becomes a world-record holder or Olympic champion. However, it is our true belief that everybody gains from their swimming experience. Meet our coaching staff here.