History of Midlakes
In the late 1930s various public beaches in the greater Seattle area first began competitive swimming on a recreational level. Most of these competitions were restricted to males only, with girls only allowed to compete in the sidestroke races. The first race of the Midlakes Swim League occurred in 1954 when the Mercer Island Beach Club entered the King County Beach League. The annual championships were held at Pete's Pool (more like a small lake than a pool) in Enumclaw. Things changed rapidly in the 1950s as Eastside communities began to grow and build pools.

After two years in the Seattle Swim League, the Eastside teams (Samena, Phantom Lake, Newport Hills, Mercerwood, Mercer Island Beach Club, Edgebrook, Triangle and Norwood) formed the Midlakes Swim League. 


Organization of Midlakes
The Midlakes Summer Swim League is made up of 26 teams. Each team is placed in a division with other teams who are ranked closely, based on the results of the previous year's dual meets and the League Championship. Dual meets (two clubs compete) are swum with other clubs from our division. At the end of the season each division holds a championship meet (Division Champs); all Midlakes teams compete for final placement at League Championships.
Championship History
1961 Mercerwood Shore Club
1962-1972 Edgebrook
1973 & 1974 Newport Hills
1975 - 1975 Samena
1980 - 1984 Newport Hills
1985 - 1987 Phantom Lake
1988 - 1989 Samena
1990 - 1991 Mercer Island County Club
1992 - 1996 Newport Hills
1997 Mercerwood Shore Club
1998 - 2000 Newport Hills
2001 Fairwood Country Club
2002 & 2003 Newport Hills
2004 - 2007 Mercerwood Shore Club
2008 Edgebrook
2009 - 2012 Mercerwood Shore Club
2013 Newport Hills / Mercerwood Shore Club
2014 - 2019 Newport Hills