The North Iowa Splash was created April of 2014 and took over for the Mason City Swim Club.  The non-profit group MCSC has been changed to serve as a booster club, or non-profit fundraising arm of North Iowa Splash.  

As a registered club of USA Swimming and Iowa Swimming, NIS is covered by the USA Swimming rules and insurance policies. 

North Iowa Splash provides training, stroke technique and racing instruction to swimmers of all ages and abilities, Focusing on the Age Group and Senior swimmer (Ages 5 to College Age).  All coaches of NIS have meet the coaching safety requirements set forth by the American Red Cross and USA Swimming.  All have passed a background screening, a safe sport (physical/emotional abuse reporting and awareness) program, and fundaments & ethics of coaching courses.

All coaches of NIS have swimming backgrounds, and children who are currently or have been swimmers of the Mason City City Swim Club, North Iowa Splash, or other USA Swimming Programs.

North Iowa Splash Mission Statement

The mission of the North Iowa Splash is to prove an opportunity for youth to participate in a wholesome, heathly, and lifelong activity, while alloweing each member to develop the motivation to achieve beyond their goals, and grow as an athlete and good citizen.

North Iowa Splash Vision Statement

The vision of the North Iowa Splash is continue our membership growth through education and encuragement of swimmers in the North Iowa area.  With this growth, excitement in the club, and fiduciary responsibility we hope to add to our professional coaching staff to help give our members the best experience possible.  Working with future possbile donors, community orginizations, and the school districts - we hope to see a new indoor aquatic facility to better the aquatic needs in North Iowa.