The New Albany Aquatics Club

The New Albany Aquatics Club was first organized as a competitive swim program in 1994 as the New Albany Swim Club by swimmer and coach Stephanie Zunich Donley, and formally incorporated as a 501(c)3 non-profit entity (New Albany Aquatics Club, Inc) in 2005.  NAAC continues to serve its original purpose of providing the finest comprehensive swim program in the area for swimmers of all ages and abilities:

NAAC has had champions at all levels except Senior Nationals, the US Open and Olympic Trials;  literally hundreds of High School All Americans, Sectionals, Zones, Age-group champs and qualifiers, etc.

Current club accomplishments:

  • Fastest High School boy in America in the 50 free
    John Sands 20.19 – February 2004

  • Five NCSA Junior National Championship swims.

  • USA Junior National Record boys 200 yard freestyle relay 2002

  • National USA Record 17-18 boys 200 meter freestyle relay 2003

  • Seven USA Ohio Records, which includes 5 relays and 2 individual events

  • Averaging 10 top 16 times a year

  • Anne Weilbacher 2004 Olympic trials (U. of Michigan)

  • Joe Doyle 2008 Olympic Trials (Ohio State University)

  • Qualified swimmers individually and relays to Juniors and Nationals

  • Fourth Largest USA Sectionals team March 2004

  • Five swimmers with eight events listed on the All-Time Ohio Honor Roll

  • 10 Central District High School Records

  • Two Pool Records at The Ohio State University

  • Six time High Point Age Group State Champs

  • Numerous Age Group state Champions

  • Barbara Kay Mini Meet Champions and three time Champion runner up

  • Over the years have had swimmers compete:
    - Olympic trials
    - Nationals
    - US Open
    - Juniors USA and NCSA
    - Ohio State High School Championships
    - USA Sectionals
    - Zones
    - Quads
    - Age Group State Championships

 Our coaches have developed an extensive program that combines swimming and dryland with an emphasis on core strength, Pilates, Yoga, leg and arm speed (reaction speed). Weight training is an option for those ready. Nutrition, recovery and overall mental and physical health are all emphasized. 

NAAC’s home base is the natatorium at New Albany High School. The day to day operations of the club are supervised by the head coach and coaching staff with the support of the parent booster organization which serves in many capacities for the benefit of NAAC’s swimmers and programs. NAAC is a member club of USA Swimming through the Ohio LSC.

NAAC swimmers have extended their careers at these colleges and universities:

  • ·         The Ohio State University

  • ·         University of Michigan

  • ·         Wright State

  • ·         Bowling Green State University

  • ·         Ohio University

  • ·         University of North Carolina

  • ·         Davidson College

  • ·         Johns Hopkins University

  • ·         Xavier University

  • ·         Butler University

  • ·         DePauw University

  • ·         Kenyon College

  • ·         Dennison University

  • ·         University of Toledo

  • ·         Eastern Michigan University

  • ·         Miami University of Ohio

  • ·         University of Cincinnati

  • ·         University of Kentucky

  • ·         Georgetown University

  • ·         Ashland University

  • ·         College of Wooster

  • ·         Duke University

  • ·         Notre Dame

  • ·         Princeton

  • ·         Columbia

  • ·         Air Force Academy

  • ·         Illinois Institute of Technology

NAAC maintains a website at

As a coach-run, parent-supported swim club, NAAC is dedicated to providing excellence to its swimmers through consistent, challenging training at each of its levels.

If you have questions about our training programs or wish to visit one of our practices, contact [email protected].   Additional information about our coaches, practices and programs can be found on our website.