Our Vision
At American Swimming Coaches Association we know how vital a role the coach plays in cultivating the success of a swimmer. However, before the swimmer ever meets the coach, there is another figure molding and shaping the young, prospective athlete, the Swim Instructor. Swimming Instructors are directly responsible for educating and training our swimmers at the beginning. Whatever foundation the instructor lays in the beginning will form the type of swimmers produced, simply stated, the better the teacher, the better the product.

"The most important people in a swimmers career are the ones who teach them how to blow bubbles." - John Leonard, Executive Director ASCA

Our Mission
ALTST Association will produce "Certified Stroke Technicians" upon successful completion of the Certified Stroke Technician course. Our American Learn to Swim Teachers Association will provide the educational resources that will be of value to every Learn to Swim teacher. Become a member of the ALTST and you will be able to increase your education in Learn to Swim, benefit from the experiences of the best teachers in the world, and enhance your competency level and credentials in the field of Learn to Swim. Better instructors will create better organizations, aiding in the greater success of coaches, teams, and the sport of swimming as a whole. Whether preparing young swimmers for a long, successful swimming career or simply teaching children water safety, instructors are instrumental in the preparation of our youth and their future in swimming.

"Confidence comes from being prepared." - John Wooden, Great Quotes from Great Coaches by John Hawkins.

Until now, swim instructors have been under appreciated and overlooked. One of the goals of ALTST is to represent the Learn to Swim teacher and prominently publicize your contributions to our aquatic community. ALTST will provide a place for instructors to connect and get the latest information and up to date news affecting the swimming community. The ALTST website will also showcase an "Teacher of the Month" highlighting different instructors across America. These instructors will also receive special mention in our monthly newsletters (A notable and admiral achievement to have on your resume for future jobs, college, etc.). ALTST is creating a forum where swim instructors can gain knowledge, respect, and appreciation. Working with advanced concepts in teaching and learning gained from the crucible of the world of competitive swimming, the ALTST seeks to create the finest corps of teacher in the world.

"You can't put a limit on anything. the more you dream, the farther you get." - Michael Phelps, 8-time Olympic Medallist