Cavalier Swim Club (CSC)

P.O. Box 215, Vandergrift, PA  15690


  Thank you for your interest in the Cavalier Swim Club (C.S.C.).   We are excited that you are interested in our team and woiuld like to let you know a little bit about our team.

    C.S.C., a competitive swim club is a member of the Allegheny Mountain Swimming (AMS) Local Swimming Comittee of United States Swimming (USS).  The competes in both the short course and long course season.  During this summer season C.S.C. will participate in a local summer league.  We are known as team Vandergrift in this AK-Valley league.  

    C.S.C. is not affiliated with the YMCA or with Kiski High School, but we do practice at Kiski Area High School Pool.  Many of our swimmers participate in the Kiski Area Jr and Sr. High School Swimming Programs.  Many of the better swimmers on those teams are also members of C.S.C.  

     C.S.C. competes at meets throughout the Pittsburgh area.  Some of the meets that we attend include Franklin Regional, North Allegheny, Hampton, West Allegheny, Pine Richland and the Christmas meet held at the University of Pittsburgh.  You have the option in picking events you would like to swim. The coaches will usually pick three or four meets that they would like all swimmers to attend. Fees for meets are usually $5 per event and are due at the time of signup.

     Our team currently has certified coaches who work with our 3 groups of swimmers.  

     C.S.C. practices up to 5 days per week at Kiski High School.  Coaches prefer that swimmers make a minimum of 3 days practice per week, but do understand that there is life outside of swimming! Our practice times vary, due to working around the Kiski Jr & Sr High teams, and the YMCA, but usually start at 5:30 and end by 9:00.  Times also vary due to which group your swimmer will be in.   
     Swimming is a great sport for our kids to participate in.  If you would like more information please use the Contact Us button. A  board member will contact you.

     Thank you for your interest in competitive swimming, and in the Cavalier Swim Club!!

CSC Board