Why Narwhals?

MMAC has "unofficially" declared the Narwhal as its team mascot.  The Narwhal is a mammal in the Porpoise family that resides in Arctic waters.  In short, it has pretty much nothing to do with Master swimmers who train in the desert.  However, if you dig a bit deeper, you’ll realize that both the Narwhal and the Mesa Master is a unique and beautiful creature who loves to swim in packs.  Enough said.


Here at team Narwhal our philosophy is to always provide a group/lane assignment for every level of swimmer, from novice to world class, and for every person’s individual goals, whether they are fitness/health, masters pool competitions, open water/Triathlon, or just social.

Members and drop-ins can cross-over and come at different times - morning, afternoon or evening group - whatever fits your day. Our coaches will be on deck to help you!

"Water is Life, Swim for Life"