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Gauchos Philosophy

Our swimming philosophy is strongly based in science, namely Parametric training.

We seek to replicate our results through quality and speed repetition. In other words, training within a Parametric system focuses on quality over quantity; meaning that we swim low volume (quantity) with high consistency for stroke and speed work (quality).

The above is our physical training philosophy. Our mental training philosophy is to empower the swimmer to take control of their future. We aim to help swimmers on their journey towards swimming success by guiding the athlete as they learn through the scary reality that their decisions have a direct reflection on their success.

We may be different than any other team you have trained with, but we strive to think outside the box in order to help evolve the sport of swimming.


Head Coach: Kyle White

Assistant Coaches: Kevin Kleissle and Hannah Young

Board of Directors

Board President: Kelly Logan

Vice President: Tracey Mattison

Secretary: Jody Young