Thank you for your interest in Prescott Swim Team or PST.   

PST has two programs: the Barnacle Group and the Swim Team.

Barnacle Group

The Barnacle Group is for those who have 4-10 year old children who would like to learn how to swim.  The program is offered Monday-Thursday in the warm pool at Yavapai College from 4- 4:45 with an optional “play time” from 4:45 to 5 pm. The program fee is $35 per month for two days a week (either Mondays/ Wednesdays or Tuesdays/ Thursdays).  There are no annual fees.  To join the Barnacle Group, you must first register (on the Home Tab) and email Wendy Temple at which days you'd like your little swimmer to attend.  This is a feeder program into Prescott Swim Team.  

Prescott Swim Team

Interested in joining PST?

For the Prescott Swim Team, we offer "Trial Days" so you can have the chance to meet the coaches and kids. There is no charge for this.

You may swim with the team for two to three days during this week. Our Assistant Coach is on deck Tuesdays and Thursdays. Please bring a ‘New Swimmer Medical Release” on your first day. This can be downloaded off of our website under Documents. We also keep blank copies at our pool in the life guard’s office.

To continue with Prescott Swim Team after your trial is over, a parent or guardian MUST complete the registration process. Please read the PST Handbook on our website. Then click the Registration button and fill out all required fields. Your credit card will be charged $128 for the annual PST and USA yearly fees. That credit card will be automatically billed on the 1st of every month for your tuition. The first billing may include two months. The month you registered and the month coming up.

Your swimmer is either a New Member, a Returning Member or a Transfer from another USA team. If you are a New Member please email a copy of the swimmers birth certificate to Wendy Temple at The UPS Store and Office Max can also scan and email for you. This is required by USA Swimming and your registration process is not complete until that’s done. Do not bring birth certificates to the pool and hand them to coaches. If you are a Transfer from another USA team you must fill out a Transfer form off the Just go to online services and then athlete transfer. 

Please note that registration fees are NOT pro-rated if you start in the middle of a month or year.  

Team fees are not pro-rated for team breaks, missed practices, vacations or electing to be inactive.  One practice session equals one month's team fees.



Year-Round Registration Fees = $128.00  (For Swim Team Members ONLY)
($68.00 for USA/AZ Swimming + $60.00 for PST annual registration).


Monthly Dues are as follows:  (second and subsequent swimmers will receive a $5 dollar a month discount)

Barnacle Group: $35/ Month.

You may swim 2 days a week (4-445 with 15 additional minutes of optional "play time")

Basic Group: $50/Month  

Beginners are encouraged to swim Tuesday and Thursday (4-530 pm.) as this is when the Assistant Coach is on-hand.  This group is also for any swimmer that is not a beginner but is unable to commit to more than 2 weekdays of swimming. Those swimmers may swim any two days/ week (4-530 pm).   

Black Group: $65/Month.  You may swim any 3 weekdays (Monday - Friday)

Gold Group: $80/Month.  You may swim every weekday

If you want to change Groups you must notify Wendy Temple before the calendar month ends. This way the change can be made before your credit card is billed on the 1st.