Dedication - Determination - Competitive Spirit


Every Sedona Swim Team swimmer, parent and Coach is dedicated to developing a comprehensive, yet fun competitive swim program.  What sets us apart from other programs is that we view all swimmers equally. 

Swimmers of all ages and abilities are encouraged to rise to their highest possible fitness levels, and persue competition. However, since only one person can win an event, we emphasize the importance of working hard to improve your time in each competition. This is the best measure of success! In this way our swimmers develop self-discipline and internal motivation.  We emphasize fundamental swimming skills, character growth, sportsmanship, and friendly, healthy competition.

Of upmost importance is highlighting the enjoyment and benefits of swimming as a life-long activity.

                                            CORE VALUES:

The Swordfish are dedicated to: *Swimming * Participation * Fairness *Responsibility*Commitment *Discipline * Consideration and respect for others * Self-motivation *We are achievement driven *We strive to excel * ...BUT most of all …We have fun!


                           HISTORY, SUCCESS AND DESCRIPTION

The Sedona Swim Team (SST) is a non-profit 501 (c)(3) organization that provides a year-round competitive swimming program.  The corporation was formed to promote and operate a  USA Certified swim team for  youth, ages 5-18, of Sedona as well as the entire Verde Valley. The team has operated continuously since its inception in 1984.

Sedona Swim Team continues it's long tradition of producing top competitive swimmers thru high school age and on to college,  while also offering recreationally interested swimmers the opportunity to develop their fitness/ swimming ability. The team’s purpose has been to bring the developmental competitive swimming world - age-group, high school, masters - to a town which previously had little exposure to the sport. 

Our team’s goals today are to expand to a program of the highest caliber, and maintain a lasting aquatics system in one of the most beautiful places in the World.

Our current team is comprised of swimmers not only from Sedona, but also from Verde Valley communities including Cottonwood, Clarkdale,The Village Of Oak Creek, and Camp Verde. Sedona Swim Team athletes represent their community throughout the state of Arizona and the Western United States.  We have swimmers qualify for and compete on the regional, state and Far Westerns level of competition. In addition, Sedona swimmers have been recruited to swim at the college level on swim [and academic] scholarships. 


Sedona Swim Team offers a variety of levels for their competitive swim programs.  We begin with the Rockshrimp group for those who have never swum competitively. As swimmers improve, progress and wish to become more competitive they move up to Silver and/or Gold accordingly. The top level competitive swimmer's program includes both pool time and dry land components. See the tab for training groups for more specifics.



1.   Provide opportunities for all interested swimmers living in or visiting Sedona to engage in a wholesome, lifelong, life-saving sport and personal activity

2.    Provide the opportunity for all interested participants to maximize their swimming ability., regardless of previous team experience. 

3.    Provide physical development and encourage proper conditioning among all interested participants.

4.     Create an atmosphere in which competition fuels the desire for self-improvement and goal achievement motivates the individual to develop his or her natural abilities and to help others do likewise.

5.     Provide the opportunity to learn how to be a competitior, and demonstrate sportsmanship, responsibility, dedication, self-discipline.  Being part of a team and comraderie are also major benefits of our program.

The Swordfish coaches strive to instill in all our athletes an understanding of and appreciation for dedication, personal accountability, constructive self-motivation, goal setting and  achievement as these ideas relate to their success in training, competition and life.

The Swordfish believe in the process of achieving.  The effort is as significant as the realization of the achievement itself.  Training and encouragement is how the athletes’ ultimate potential is achieved. We feel that this combination is a valuable tool in the well-rounded growth and development of an individual.

CURRENT PROGRAM EXPANSION GOALS:   We wish to grow the number of participants by promoting swimming as a lifetime sport.  As our team grows, we will be able to provide more pool time, services and opportunities for each swimmer to reach their full potential.


The club is made up of a Parent/Coach Board, ALL the parents, and sponsors of the Sedona Swim Team. This group helps all aspects of the TEAM operate smoothly. The team relies heavily on the participation of its club members (parents and swimmers) in a variety of tasks. These include, but are not limited to: helping at “home” swim meets, fund raising, registering as an official for swim meets, helping with social events, working on planning or other committees, and planning  activities for our swimmers. The club operates according to adopted by-laws.

TEAM LEADERS:The Sedona Swordfish take inspiration and leadership from a qualified professional USA certified Head Coach and Assistant Coaches.  The team vision and mission is achieved based on a combination of the coaching staff’s ability to train athletes to reach their highest potential through swimming competitively and funding the budget to meet the needs of the competition cycle.