About BEST:
The Biloxi Elite Swim Team (BEST) is sponsored by the City of Biloxi Parks & Recreation Department and supplies the area with an affordable, year-round, competitive USA Swimming program.  The team also has a location in Ocean Springs sponsored by the Ocean Springs YMCA. 

We support swimming to a variety of ability levels and provide learning and competitive opportunities for any athlete interested in the sport of swimming.  The primary responsibility of the coaching staff is to ensure every individual has a fun and educational experience.  Participants can be any age and must be able to efficiently swim 25 yards without stopping.

Our mission is to help swimmers improve their swimming abilities as well as develop confidence, strength, and discipline while having fun through competitive swimming.  Our goal is to develop our swimmers through proper training and physical fitness, encourage them to make healthy choices in their daily routines and be socially responsible in their interactions with their team mates, competitors, coaches, parents, and teachers.  We hold our swimmers accountable for their actions and help them develop life skills they can take with them beyond the confines of the swimming pool.

USA swimming has two different competition seasons per year.  September - February is the "Short Course" season where athletes compete in pools of 25 yards.  March - July is the "Long Course" season where athletes compete in pools of 50 meters.

Various competitions will be scheduled throughout the year both here in Biloxi and in various cities throughout the region.  The team will try and host at least 3 home meets per year in Biloxi, and participate in at least 1 meet per month.  Athletes are not required to compete but are highly encouraged to. Swimmers and families are responsible for their travel costs.

Every swimmer is required to register with USA Swimming.  Registrations can be done annually (preferred) or seasonally.  In addition to the USA registration fee, a team registration fee is required and due at the time of registration.  Monthly training fees are required at each location and vary depending on ability and location.  Please inquire about the training fees with a member of our staff at each site.