Thank you for your interest in the Southeastern Swim School lesson program, located at Hamilton Southeastern High School!  We offer swim lessons for children ages 3 and older (must be potty-trained).   We are pleased to offer a high-quality program with low class ratios, experienced instructors, a proven track record and competitive pricing!  Our lesson program follows the ASCA Swim America curriculum, with 10 different levels of swim lessons offered during a session of classes.  This format allows families with children at different ability levels to participate in classes at the same time.  Once skills are mastered, children move onto the next level even within a session.  

As children progress through the higher levels of our lesson program, we will prepare them for competitive swimming if they are interested.  Even if competing is not of interest, children in the higher levels of our lesson program will enjoy the fitness benefits of swimming.  Any child completing level 6 or higher of the Southeastern Swim School will be invited to join the Southeastern Swim Club to further develop their swimming technique and endurance, as well as allowing them an opportunity to compete in swim meets. 

If you would like additional information regarding the Southeastern Swim School ( or the Southeastern Swim Club (, simply click on the "Contact" tab on this website and an e-mail message will be delivered to Heather Streett. 

To Register: simply click on the  "REGISTRATION" tab on the right side of the home page. For first-time users, once you have selected a class to register for- it will ask you for an e-mail address/password combination.  You will use this e-mail/password combination to manage your account for future class registrations.