Welcome to Maverick Aquatics! 

The Maverick Aquatics Swim Club has been the premier USA Swim club in Grand Junction, Colorado since 2011.  Made up of swimmers, coaches and volunteers, the Mavericks provide competitive swimming opportunities in the community for all those interested in learning how to compete or improve competitive skills.  The Mavericks strive to serve the sport.  Our mission and vision reflect USA Swimming's core objectives.


Mission Statement

The Maverick Aquatics Swim Club provides the best competitive swimming opportunities to USA Swim members in the community.  The team provides superior swim lessons, coaching and training opportunities for the community.  The Mavericks value current and past members as well as staff, volunteers and community supporters.



Create a foundation of excellence for Maverick Aquatics Swim Club members in competition and in life.


Core Objectives

Build the Base

Introduce the sport of swimming to as many community members as possible, especially youth.  Encourage all members to recognize swimming's value as a lifelong activity.

Promote the Sport

Spread the positive aspects of competitive swimming.  Promote the Mavericks' role in the community, celebrate the sport and instill team pride in membership, which will help to retain and attract more members.

Achieve Competitive Success

Competing successfully at the regional, state, zone, sectional and national level is essential for our membership to attain goals and support USA Swimming's goal of remaining the number one swimming nation in the world.