2017-2018 Executive Board Members

  • Michelle Bradley (President)
  • Catherine Revzon (Past-President)
  • Charlie Bailey (Registrar)
  • Cathleen Crowley (Treasurer)
  •  Nicole Bhandari (Secretary)

General Board: 

  • Joann Bujdud (Uniform and Gear Coordinator)
  • Julie Hawkins and Iryna Akolzina(Timing Coordinators)
  • Colleen Phelan (Webmaster)
  • Amy Hauptman and Keisha Biggs Fink (Event Coordinators)
  • (Fundraising)
  • Ryan Loechner (Head Coach)


  • Ryan Loechner
  • John Scaldini
  • Chris Riley (a.k.a. Riles)

Practice Groups

  • Gold Group
  • Age Group 
  • Age Group Select
  • Senior 
  • Senior Development
  • National Swimmers
  • Practice
    • Swimmers should attend every practice they are available.  Practice makes perfect!
    • Attendance is taken each day
  • Meet participation is HIGHLY encouraged for AG swimmers and required for Senior swimmers
    • Great way to measure improvement
    • Fosters healthy competition
    • Friendships and team bonding
    • Fun!
  • Parent Participation
    • Support swimmers and coaches
    • Volunteer requirements
      • Timer
      • Special Events


  • All swim teams are required to provide timers
  • Timers are trained on the use of the stopwatch before the meet starts
  • It's easy and a great way to pass the time and be on deck where all the action takes place
  • Each Family is required to time at least 2x a season
  • All parents need to make themselves available at any meet their child is swimming in to time

Practice Schedule


  • Meets & Events Sign-up
  • Daily News
  • Practice Schedule
  • Purchase Team Gear
  • Auto Pay

Auto Pay Required

  • One Stop Shopping
    • Registration fees
    • Meet fees
    • Team gear when offered

Auto Pay in 4 Easy Steps

  • Step 1: Sign In
  • Step 2: Under My Account click the Setup Auto Pay link in red.
  • Step 3: Make sure you are on the $ Payment Setup Tab - and enter your information (this is secure!)
  • Step 4: Click Save Changes


Meet Signup

  • Step 1: Open Email from Coach announcing the event deadline and click on the MORE INFORMATION ABOUT THIS EVENT link. 

  • Step 2: You will be redirected to the events home page.  You can also get here by clicking on the Meets & Events tab and then clicking on the individual event.  From here, you will want to click on the Attend/Decline link in the upper right corner.

  • Step 3: The Attend/Decline button will bring you to the Athlete Sign Up page where you will see your swimmers.  Click on an individual swimmer to declare their intentions.

  • Step 4: Use the Decleration drop down box to indicate your swimmers intentions.  Please remember to read any of the important notes highlighted in the Red Box.  You may have your swimmers 'select' events if you declare 'Yes' - then remember to click Save Changes.

  • Step 5: Celebrate! You're done.


  • CT Swimming (
    • Meets throughout CT
    • Meet results through Fast Database
  • Step 1: Click on the FAST DATABASE link from the top menu.

  • Step 2: Use the 'Query what' dropdown box to select Swimmer - best time, and search by last name.  Select your swimmer and click Display Times

On Deck Parent - Mobile Apps



  • What gear do I need to purchase for my swimmer?
    • Practice suits (2-4)
    • Team Speedo suit for swim meet
    • Team Speedo warm up jacket (required for all swimmers except Blue Group)
    • Team Speedo back pack (optional)
    • Team Speedo swim caps (2)
    • Speedo Goggles (2)
    • Practice Equipment (see team store)
  • Is there any other suggested gear or supplies my swimmer should have?
    • Swim shampoo (eg. UltraSwim)
    • Body wash
    • Flip flops for the shower
    • Hair treatment for chlorine removal (e.g. Malibu Hair Care for Swimmers)
    • Turbie Twist microfiber hair towel
    • Folding chair for swim meets
  • Where do you suggest shopping for swim gear?
    • Metro Swim (Norwalk, CT)
  • As a team member of Weston Swimming, can my swimmer swim free of charge during Parks & Rec open swim?
    • Yes!
    • Part of the registration fee includes a Parks & Rec “pool pass”
    • For an additional fee, the whole family can swim
      • Contact Lynn Stevens at Weston Parks & Rec to get your pool pass
  • Who do I go to for questions?
    • General
      • Michelle Bradley -
    • Coaching
      • John Scaldini -
    • Registration/Billing
      • Charlie Bailey -
    • Team Gear
      • Joann Bujdud -
    • Special Events - Amy Hauptman and Keisha Fink -  and
    • Team News, PR and Team Website
      •  Colleen Phelan -