Mission Statement
Our purpose is to provide a positive training atmosphere that will prepare our athletes both physically and mentally to compete to the best of their potential. It is our goal to send our swimmers to the highest possible levels of competition during the USA Swim seasons. Swimmers are expected to make a full commitment to bettering themselves as swimming athletes by participating in: dry land exercises, pool workouts, fine tuning stroke mechanics, and setting personal and team goals. Through this experience, we wish to enhance the development of the athlete’s character, including sportsmanship, commitment, responsibility and integrity.

Panther Aquatic Club offers training and practice groups for swimmers of all ages and ability levels. It is the goal of PAC to offer age specific training for all of our athletes geared towards challenging each individual and developing each individual to the best of THEIR abilities. 



Panther Aquatic Club (PAC) participates in the CT Swimming Short Course Season from October to March, and the CT Swimming Long Course season from April through July.  The team primarily practices out of the Pomperaug High School Pool and uses Ballantine Pool and rented long course facilities during the spring/summer season.  Participation on this team requires a commitment on the part of those swimmers who show a distinct desire to become a more competitive swimmer.  PAC is not designed as a recreational program, but as a serious endeavor to further the swimmer's abilities.  This is an elite program with the time commitment, ability criterion and discipline requirements that are expected of such a team



Panther Aquatic Club is open to boys and girls ranging in age from 5 to 21 who meet the minimum requirements required for participation. Swimmers on the team will receive instruction in endurance and stroke technique, while developing confidence and self-discipline over the season as their abilities improve.

Swimmers, Parents and Coaches working together are essential for team success.

Swimmers have an obligation to each other. They are expected to attend practices regularly, to show respect, good sportsmanship, and to compete at meets. Swimmers will be exposed to all strokes at varying distances to improve their potential.

Parents are responsible for the business of the team, including participation in team events, planning activities, and volunteering at swim meets. Parents are also asked to ensure that their swimmer is at practice on time, and for making sure that their child meets team requirements.

Coaches are responsible for organizing and conducting all practices and for orchestrating meet entries. Coaches have authority to maintain discipline at the pool in order to conduct the team in as safe of an environment as possible.



Practice Groups:  A swimmer’s practice group is determined by the coaches. New swimmers will be evaluated for skill sets and proper practice group placement. Swimmers may be moved to and from specific groups at the coaches’ discretion.  Placement in a specific practice group will be based on age, ability, commitment and attendance.  Swimmers must practice in their designated practice groups. 


Practice:  Practice takes place Monday through Friday, and occasional weekend days, at the Pomperaug High School Natatorium unless there is a facility conflict. Ballantine pool and rented long course facilities are also used during the spring/summer season. Swimmers should be on time for practice and ready to enter the water at the published start time of practice. Upon arrival, swimmers should prepare for their practice session to begin. All swimmers should be equipped with a swim suit, a swim cap, goggles, fins, a water bottle and a "can do" attitude. The PAC practice schedule will be posted on the team website under the Practice Calendar tab.  Any changes to the schedule once it is published will be emailed to the team. 


PAC utilizes a Parents Advidory Board comprised of veteran parents who are knowledgeable about the team and who have expressed interest in becoming active participants in team administration and in planning team activities or events.  All parents are members of the Panther Parents Association. Parents’ major responsibilities are to promote good sportsmanship and a positive training experience while participating in team activities and meet management as necessary. It is essential that one member of each family attend all parents association meetings that are held. Communication is the key to success for our large swim team and it is the parent’s responsibility to stay informed.

Practice:  Parents must have swimmers at practice on time.  Late arrivals disrupt practices already in progress. Swimmers should be picked up promptly after practice has ended.  If practice ends at 7 pm, parents should be at the pool promptly at 7 pm. Parents choosing to stay at the pool during practices may sit in the balcony area. Please do not speak to your child from the balcony area. Questions regarding practice or meets may be directed to a coach immediately following a swim session or via email.  Parents are asked NOT to go on deck while any practice is in process.

Meet Attendance:  All swimmers in the Senior Elite and Senior training groups must compete during the season. Swimmers are strongly encouraged to participate in as many meets as possible and work toward a championship meet at the end of the season.  It is very difficult for the coaches to measure athlete progress without seeing them compete. Competition is also a great opportunity for swimmers to receive feedback about their race strategy and stroke technique while bonding with their teammates.  Please have your swimmer check in with coaches upon arrival to document their attendance. Parents are responsible for signing up their swimmers for each meet in a timely manner once meet information is available.  This is done on the team website.  A swimmer who does not commit (yes or no) to a meet on the team website will not be entered in the meet. Once entries have been compiled, parents will be notified of their swimmer’s events and meet entry fees for the meet will be due. Once the entry is sumbitted to the host team, there can be no additions or changes to the lineup.

Work Assignments:  Parents have the responsibility of volunteering at meets their swimmers attend.  Several jobs are assigned and training will be provided when necessary. These may include Timer, Marshall, Runner, Reports.  Failure to work when assigned will result in a $50 fine.

Swimmer Illness Prior to a Meet:  If a child becomes ill and is unable to participate in a meet, parents must notify a coach AS SOON AS POSSIBLE BY PHONE so that lineup changes can be made and other swimmers are not affected. Please never, ever just not show!   Despite scratches due to illness, meet fees are still due.           


Practice is canceled when schools are closed due to inclement weather or by decision by the Superintendent of Schools.

Notice of other cancelations will be emailed and posted on the team website in as timely a manner as possible. 

Meet cancelations will be determined as early as possible and information released in the same manner.



For security, all swimmers should enter the locker rooms with a parent, buddy or coach only from the pool deck. Swimmers must notify coaches in order to leave the pool deck and enter locker rooms during practice. Locker room doors are not to be blocked open with any object for any reason. The back locker room doors at to be closed at all times.

PAC will not be responsible for items left unsecured and recommend that belongings be taken out to the pool deck or given to a parent during practice. If you plan to use a locker at PHS, please bring your own lock. Do not leave the lock on overnight.

PAC swimmers and families are guests of Pomperaug High School, Ballantine Pool, and any pool that we visit during the season. It is expected that swimmers exhibit exemplary behavior while on school grounds, especially in the locker room area. Any inappropriate behavior will be reported and if necessary, fines will be imposed.



All swimmers are expected to show respect to their teammates, coaches, competitors, officials and any other individual on the pool deck. Good sportsmanship is expected at all times. Bullying of any kind will not be tolerated. Strong disciplinary standards will be enforced during practice, meets, on the pool deck and in the locker rooms. Horseplay or inappropriate behavior of any kind will not be permitted.

The following disciplinary action will be taken to correct disruptive behavior that cannot be dealt with on the pool deck:

  • First Offense: Verbal Warning/Notification to Parents
  • Second Offense: Verbal Warning documented by coach to be kept on file and meeting with parents, coach and Aquatic Director.
  • Third Offense: Possible suspension for the remainder of the season and forfeiture of all fees paid.



Invitationals/Age Group Qualifiers: These meets are hosted by various Connecticut USA Swim Teams with the intention of qualifying swimmers for end of season championships.  Meets will take place at the host team’s pool. Meets usually take place over two or three days.  Swimmers are not required to compete every day of every meet entered.  In most cases, swimmers may elect to swim one or both days and may request to swim a specific event as discussed with their age group coach.  The coach will have ultimate say over events entered.  

Meet Entries:  PAC uses an on-line entry system for meets.  Scheduled meets are found under the EVENTS tab on the PAC website. Swimmers can open each meet and commit to attending. If events are listed, swimmers may select their preferred events for that particular meet, however, the ultimate decision on a swimmer’s meet entries lies with the coaches. In order to participate, please be sure to commit your swimmer prior to the registration deadline for each meet.  

Once the lineup is complete, swimmer’s events will be emailed along with meet entry fees due. These fees cover the cost of the swimmer's entry in each meet.  At this time, any change of circumstance which would affect a swimmer’s attendance at the meet must be made known to the coaches.  Once the meet closes and the entry is submitted to the host team, no changes may be made to the entry and all meet fees will be due.  Meet fees are nonrefundable if a swimmer must scratch his or her entry due to illness, or if an event is scratched by the host team due to oversubscription.

Championships : To be eligible for Championships, swimmers must participate in at least 1 meet during the season. Swimmers will only be able to swim events at Championships that they have swum legally during the season.   

Championship meets are run at the end of the season and swimmers will be notified of which Championship meet they will attend.  Please plan vacations around these dates so that your swimmer may compete in their hard-earned championship meet. All meet information, including dates and venues, will be posted on the Events tab on the team website.



Meets are conducted in accordance with the by-laws of Connecticut Swimming Inc. and under sanction of the United States Swimming Association. Swimmers compete in the following age groups:  8/Under, 10/Under, 11-12, 13-14 and 15/Over.  At times, events may be designated 12/Under and 13/Over, Senior, or Open. 



Parents are asked to bookmark the following websites as references for everything swimming:

PAC Website:

The team website provides the monthly practice calendar, team news, meet information and meet signups.

Parents can also contact the coaches via email from the team website.

Connecticut Swimming Website:

This website provides:  

  • links to meet announcements, which include individual meet details, warm-up information,
  • event schedule, directions and results.
  • a database query link called  FAST, which contains detailed information on teams, times, and
  • championship qualification for all CT swimmers.  The menu enables access to best times by swimmer, best times by event, the top times in each event, championship qualification, time standards, and other pertinent information. 
  • a link to the USA Swimming website.   


Coaches & team administrators can be reached via the team email address:  [email protected]


 X  Team Administration  

The Panther Aquatic Club coaching staff is one whose vision is to train our athletes to their highest potential. Combined, their years of swim and coaching expertise give our club a diverse dynamic of experience.  

Questions regarding all non-swimming related questions may be directed to our team administrators or members of the PAC Parent Association via email or at the pool:


Aquatic Director:   Maria Papiro  [email protected]

Registration & Fees Coordinator:    Karen Fimmano  [email protected]

Parents Association President:   Brian Keane


XI  Fee Structure & Registration

The following outlines team fees for the current swim season.  Please read all information carefully. 

       USA SWIMMING MEMBERSHIP FEE  (Check made out to PAC):$78.00  

United States Swimming (USS) is the governing body that regulates all USS clubs such as PAC. The USS fee covers liability insurance for the school, athlete, and coaches during practice or meets. This fee is required of all swimmers and is usually payable upon registration for the fall/winter program.

        PAC SWIM TEAM FEE  (Check made out to PAC):$25

All Swimmers need to pay these fees every fall.



 RRReRFees cover on-deck coaching time at practice and at meets. Coaches will determine the swimmer’s practice group based on age, ability and maturity.    Practice group designation and fees may be found under the Registration tab on the team website.  

There will be additional fees required in the form of meet entry fees for each event a swimmer enters at a specific meet. These range from $8 to $12 per event.


            Once a swimmer’s registration is processed for the upcoming season, there will be no prorating of fees or refunds for failure to practice, unless a valid doctor’s note for a long term illness or injury is presented.  In this case, fees will be prorated by month for the remainder of the season. A $25 cancellation processing fee will be applied.


  • If membership fees are to be paid by check, fees must be paid in full.


  • All member families are encouraged to link a credit card to their account. We do not have access to this number once it is stored; we are only able to post charges to the card.
  • In order to participate in meets, a credit card must be on file. The credit card on file will be charged for meet fees on the day meet fees are posted to the account.

All outstanding fees must be paid before a swimmer may be re-registered for the upcoming season.