No doubt there are a variety of swim teams in South Florida for parents to consider for their child. It is important that a parent try to match their interests and that of their child to the program that will best fulfill their needs. Each program has different strengths and weaknesses. To understand what SwimFast is all about, you are asked to read the Vision and Mission statement.

The strengths of SwimFast are as follows:

1. We provide individualized career planning and training plans for our athletes.

2. We provide the very best in technical instruction in strokes, starts and turns to our athletes of all ages. Swimming is a technique limited sport. You will only become as good as your attention to technical detail.

3. We can offer detailed help in college selection and decision making for the older high school athletes, since Coach Leonard has personal relationships with most Division I and many Division II and III coaches. We want our athletes to swim in college and we work towards that end.

4. We provide our services for ONE FEE... paid monthly by the family, no booster club fees, no swimathons, no candy sales, no other irritating nickel-and-dime fundraisers. We charge a fair fee, and pay our club needs from that one fee. You do pay for swim meet entries and your annual USA-S membership fee.

5. Our aim is to help your child achieve all they are capable of achieving and are interested in achieving. We are not in existence for social purposes, though having friends on a team is important. We seek and support the highest levels of performances at all ages.

6. We believe the lessons of hard work, attention to detail, dedication, goal setting and personal achievement through effort are lessons well worth learning for every child. We live that everyday and reinforce it with the athletes everyday. If you believe the same, SwimFast may be for you!


SwimFast, like every opportunity for growth, has to be paid for! Our philosophy is simple:

Charge a fair fee. Period. No fundraising, no booster clubs, no other irritating ways to fund the program.

We pay all our bills out of your monthly swimming fee. So we do prefer to be paid on time and ask you to attend to that, please.

Coaching Staff Sort   Edit

    John Leonard

   Head Coach



     John Leonard has been the Executive Director of the American Swimming Coaches Association in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, since assuming that post in January of 1985. In 41 years of coaching, he has become one of the best known names in the world of swimming, worldwide.

        In the process of growing the Association from 1600 members in 1985 to 7300  in 2011,  Leonard has overseen a staff that has developed educational programs and services that include 26 different types of coaching schools, overseen the development of a Certification program that has certified over 12,100 coaches in 26 years, organized the model national learn to swim school in SwimAmerica which has taught over 2.4 million American youngsters to swim, and turned the American Swimming Coaches Association into an advocacy force that has been impactful and successful   in national and world swimming and world sport.

        Leonard began his coaching career in Syracuse NY, where he developed numerous national qualifiers, national Finalists and a 1976 Olympian, while building an 800 member swim team and managing a 35 pool city Aquatics program. In 1978, he moved to Lake Forest Swim Club and Lake Forest College in Illinois, where he again developed a nationally powerful club team and USA National Team members.

       John was a founder of the World Swimming Coaches Association in 1988, and still serves on the Board of that Organization and is serving his second term as its Executive Director.  He received the USA Athletes Appreciation Award in 1996, for his strong anti-doping actions in world sport. In 2004 and in 2010, he received the Paragon Award from the International Swimming Hall of Fame for Learn to Swim in 2004 and for Competitive Swimming in 2010.  In 2005, he was honored with the Collegiate/Scholastic Trophy from NISCA for his contributions to swimming and was named one of the 25 Most Influential People in all of Aquatics, by Aquatics International magazine.

       John  serves on multiple committees for USA Swimming, including the Olympic International Operations and International Relations Committees, and was a member of the FINA International Coaches Commission. In the last quad, John served FINA as a consultant on Coaching Education.   John has served on 14 USA National Team Staffs and has worked for American Swimming at 6 Olympic Games. He has served as the Chairman of the United States Swimming Steering Committee for the USA Olympic Team in Swimming.

       An accomplished writer and editor, Leonard has authored over 1000 articles on the sport of swimming, written four books on swimming and edited four others, in addition to making clinic presentation in 38 countries around the world. He regularly provides presentations from groups ranging from swimming parents and coaches to sports administrators.

        In the 1980’s Leonard fought to introduce the first Code of Ethics for swimming coaches into the ASCA, which was put in place in 1989. In the 90’s and 00’s, Leonard has been known as one of the leading anti-doping crusaders in sport, and since 2000, he has served on various committees and commissions with international sports organizations, including on the Coaches Commission of  FINA, the international governing body of the Olympic Sport of Swimming. Since 2000, Leonard has served a key role on the USA-Swimming International Relations Committee and since 2006, has been the Coordinator of the International Action Agenda  of that Committee.


Outstanding Athletes Coached by John Leonard at Pine Island Pool and related team pools since 1990

Pedro Moros – Venezuelan Olympic Team – 2000

Evan Marcus – Guatemala National Champion, HS All-American, NCAA I swimmer. USA-Swimming national qualifier.

Greg King – HS All-American, USA-Swimming National Qualifier.

Nico Lilly – HS All-American, NCAA I Swimmer.

Leanne Darling – HS All-American, NCAA I Swimmer.

Eddie Lovell – HS All-American, NCAA 1 All American, Florida State HS Champion. USA Swimming National qualifier.

Matt Dolan – HS All-American.

Daniel Peterson – HS All-American.

Jackson Leonard – HS All-American. NCAA I Swimmer.

Helge Meevw – HS All-American, German Olympic Swimmer, 2004-2008.

Emily Kasmer - USA-Swimming All-time Top 100 age group swimmer, HS All-American.

Sharla Milne – HS All-American, NCAA 1 Swimmer, USA-Swimming national qualifier.

Raymond Darling - HS All-American, Florida state high school champion, NCAA 1 Swimmer.

Golda Marcus – HS All-American, Guatemala National Champion, 2004 Olympian.

Tyle Denman – HS All-American




     Guy Edson

   Stroke School Coach


     Guy Edson is an ASCA Level 5 Age Group Coach.  He was a full time coach for 15 years before joining the staff at the American Swimming Coaches Association in 1988.  As a full time age group coach his teams won the state age group championships multiple times in New York and in Illinois.  He also coached many age group swimmers ranked in the top 10 nationally including a national record holder.   As a senior coach his team won the senior state championship in Minnesota.  Edson has also coached high school swim teams for seven years.  Since joining the staff at ASCA where his primary role is training swimming coaches, he has continued to coach novice and age group swimmers on a part time basis in order to keep his teaching skills sharp, and to stay in touch with the day to day concerns of parents, officials, and administrators.


    Peter M Hay



     Coach Pete has been coaching since he was in High School. His first athletes were his parents as Masters Swimmers.   He has since coached from Washington and Oregon in the Northwest to New Hampshire in the Northeast, Alaska in the far North-west and most recently in San Antonio, Texas with Alamo Area Aquatics Association.  He has coached beginning swimmers to National Qualifiers.  He enjoys working with athletes of all ages and stages of development.  He believes in a strong aerobic base and great technique.  

     He is a Level 4 Senior Coach and a Level 3 Age Group Coach.  He has coached numerous Top 16 and Top 10 National ranked age group swimmers.  Numerous swimmers have gone on to Division 1 and Division 2 college programs.