Academy Swim Club is a member of United States Swimming Inc.

Academy Swim Club began in 1992 and uses the Hawaii Preparatory Academy - Dowsett Pool as it "Home" training and competition site. Initially the team had 5 members. Coach Mark began the club so that he could take the members to mainland competition to prepare them for future high school competion and to expose them to mainland college competition. The team eventually added a few middle school age swimmers and then some elementary age swimmers.

Coach Barbara Kopra took over the operations and Head Coaching duties from the late 1990's through 2009 and developed serveral top level swimmers including Hawaii State Champions and a nationally ranked swimmer. Coach Mark was handed the baton thereafter.  The team utilized the skills of a few coaches during the early part of the 2010 decade and appreciates the commitment of Greg McKenna, Tina Doherty, Ryan Ross and others. The program held about 40 swimmers but then began a steady increase in the past two years to our present position of over 100 registered athletes.

Our focus as a team is fairly simple: We strive to have athletes improve their swimming skills daily while learning to work with teammates.  Additionally, we ask that they be a good competitor. That includes: striving to be fit, dedicated and encouraging. Our techical focus for all groups is always on body balance, streamline and stroke skills. We continue to add in racing elements, such as starts, turns, race strategies and pacing into training.


  • Novice Group with Coach Sarie Imonen - This group is for swimmers who've advanced through our Swim Academy.
  • Bronze Group  with Coach Sarie and Coach Sylvia Ravaglia - This group is for swimmers who desire to improve their skills and prepare for competition. Some Bronze team members will compete when their coaches feel they're ready.
  • Silver Group with Coach Barbara Kopra and Coach Kim Martins - This group continues to improve their skills all around and to compete. 
  • Gold Group with Coach Harry Canales - Like the Silver group, Gold strives to keep getting better each day.
  • Senior Group with Coach Mark Noetzel - This group continues with the fundamentals each day, while preparing the athletes for higher level of competion and enjoyment in the sport.

Our Pool

  • Dowsett Pool at Hawaii Preparatory Academy is a 25 yard by 25 meter facility.