Frequently Asked Questions

If you cannot find the answer to your question, please contact us (on the left side of the screen), complete the form and submit your question.

You may also contact a board member directly by going to the Contact TISCA, choosing the board of directors and clicking on their name.


Membership Questions

  1. How do I register for TISCA?
    1. Click on the documents tab, select the registration document from the list.  You may download a PDF file to print and complete or a word file to complete then print.
    2. Send the completed form and a check for the correct amount to the address on the form.
    3. Check the Schools tab (in a couple of weeks) to make sure that the registration is completed.  If your school has not been posted within a month, please contact membership chair to verify that it has been received.


  1. How do I update/change information during the current season?
    1. Please contact membership chairperson with specific request.
    2. Goto the Contact TISCA, choose Board of Directors and click on membership chair name.


State Meet Questions

  1. Who has to prove qualifying times?
    1. Any swimmer who is entered in an event but does not attain the qualifying time at State meet.
      1. If they swim slower than the time standard.
      2. If they are Disqualified. (DQ)
      3. If they do not swim the event. (NS)


  1. How many swimmers can be "subbed" between prelims and finals on a relay?
    1. There is no limit on the number of "subs" on a relay as long the athletes do not compete in more than 4 events.


  1. Can an athlete be scratched from an individual event to swim in a third relay?
    1. A scratch counts as an event, so an athlete may not be scratched out of an individual event to participate in a relay.