Porpoise Swim Team

The YMCA Porpoise Swim Team provides a fun, family program which promotes the development of good sportsmanship and self-confidence while improving swimming skills. The flexibility of our program encourages the child to balance swimming with other sports, family and school responsibilities.

Porpoises offers all levels of competitive swimming for children 6 to 18 years of age. The team is a YMCA swim team, and will participate in several local YMCA closed, dual, and individual meets. ISI (Illinois Swimming Incorporated - a USAS local chapter) participation is an optional supplement, and offers qualified swimmers additional opportunities for meets. For ISI swimmers, there is an additional $60 ISI registration fee, as well as the cost of meet entries. All Swim Team members must be YMCA members, as per the YMCA of the USA National rules.

The team has six (6) levels:  Novice, Intermediate, Cadet, Advanced, Gold, and High School. If a swimmer is already on a high school swim team, they may be on Porpoises during their non-high school season. High school swimmers will pay a prorated team fee. See the Swim Group tab on this webiste for more information on standards for each level. 

Swimmers can choose from 1, 2, 3, or up to 5 days of practice per week. Cadet and above swimmers will swim a minimum of 2 days per week. Swimmers may only attend on the practice days for which they are registered.

High School swimmers: A minimum of 2 Y meets, as well as Districts and State (for those that qualify), is required. Novice, Intermediate, Cadet and Advanced swimmers must participate in 3 Y meets as well as Districts and State (for those that qualify). ISI participation is encouraged for qualified swimmers.

While there is a strong "swim and be fit" component to swim team, the goal is to improve technique and efficiency. Like the proper swing technique in baseball, swimming needs instruction, then endless practice to perfect the skill, making it a habit. We teach pool safety, racing starts, proper stroke technique, starts, turns, finishes, and sportsmanship. We develop confidence in the water, perseverance, and self confidence.

Porpoise Practice Group Levels:

**See "Swim Groups" tab on this website for information on standards for each level**

Novice: Developing basic skills and practicing those skills in a workout setting

Intermediate: Increasing attention to stroke technique in practice

Cadet:  Increasing attention to stroke technique and conditioning in practice

It is recommended that swimmers at the cadet level also consider participating in ISI meets. Please note that approval of the head coach is required prior to signing up for ISI.

Advanced: Preparing experienced athletes for higher competition, demanding practices and persistance.

It is strongly encouraged that swimmers at the advanced level participate in ISI meets.

Gold/High School: Stroke quality throughout demanding practices to achieve team goals

Meets, for all groups, beyond the minimum are encouraged, but not required.

There are no fees for Y dual meets. ISI Registration is $60 additional to your Team fees, and additional ISI meets fees are approximately $15 per meet, per day (or $30 for a 2-day meet).

Late registration for the team will not be prorated. Refunds for withdrawal between Oct 1 and Dec 1 will be prorated, with a $45 administration fee deducted. There will be no refunds after December 1st without a medical reason.