Mako is a USS year-round, highly competitive swim team offering high quality professional coaching and technique instruction for all ages and abilities. The goal of our team is to provide every member an opportunity to improve swimming skills and achieve success at his or her level of ability, from novice to international competitor.

The team is divided into several groups depending on the ability, speed, maturity, enjoyment, and most importantly technique. This approach enables the advancement of the swimmer to be met with less propensity for injury and a continuing love for the sport. Remember all swimmers only move up from one group to the other by the coaches decision. Here is how MAKO breaks down the groups:

National & National Development: 

This group consists of swimmers whose skills and times are close to achieving or are participated in a USA National standard swim meet such as Olympic Trials, Nationals, Junior Nationals, Speedo Grand Prix, Futures & Speedo Sectionals Championship. To be part of this group, the level of commitment and consistency is very high for all athletes, parents, & coaches. This commitment is absolutely important for the swimmer to able to perform at his or hers highest potential.  Since the goals are higher and tougher once a swimmer has joined this group attendance will be crucial as long as it’s not interrupting with the swimmers school grades. All swimmers in this group must have the mental maturity and emotional stability to able to handle and understand the rigorous training and the necessary sacrifice that must be made to keep improving 


The swimmers in the senior group are expected to have a high level of understanding of technical issues with their strokes, starts, and turns. These swimmers’ skills and times are close to achieving or have achieved 13-14 & Over Zone Qualifying times, & Senior State time Standards. Commitment is always expected by all swimmers; the senior group main purpose is to strengthen both mental and physical abilities as swimmers in order to prepare them for the next level of competition or the National Standard USA swim meets. 

Group Focuses: for the National, National Development, & Senior Groups; the focus at training is the following:

  • Technique (All groups in MAKO always practice technique, regardless of their accomplishments)
  • Mental Training
  • Emotional Intelligence Training 
  • Game plan
  • Endurance
  • Speed
  • Dry land
  • Gymnastic Training with Perpetual Motion
  • Goals
  • Responsibility, Respect, self-esteem, & discipline.