Parents Are Wonderful Wizards Too!

Since 1970, the PAWW Parents’ Club has supported and enhanced the Peoria Park District’s swim team. The Parent Club will continue to support the PAWW Inc Executive Board as they have taken over the management of Central Park Pool and the PAWW swim team from the Peoria Park District.

Team records for both long course meter (LCM) and short course yard (SCY) events will continue to be displayed on the record boards.

PAWW Inc will continue to host meets. These meets include The Peoria Journal Star meet,  PAWW’s Annual Spooktacular Meet, and SCY/LCM Regional meets. These are the Club’s major fundraising events. To successfully host these meets, we request all parents to volunteer their time and skills.

We invite you to help us support our team and children in the pursuit of their swimming goals. By signing your child up for PAWW you have become a member of the PAWW Parents’ Club. Please be an active and helpful member!

The Parent's Club Bylaws are viewable to members only. To view, log in to our website and choose the sub tab under Parent's Club