Programs, schedules, & costs are itemized below.  Please go to our registration page linked to the left side command tabs titled "sign-up".  Follow the prompts and fill out all information requested.  *New registrations will remain "pending approval" until the athlete has been evaluated & a payment/ certificate is received.  Registrations will be approved in the order in which evaluations & payments are completed.

Open evaluations will be available at the following times:

  • Monday 3/26/18 from 5-6:45pm
  • Tuesday 3/27/18 from 6-7:45pm
  • Wednesday 3/28/18 from 5-6:45pm 
  • Thursday 3/29/18 *CANCELED (due to holiday faculty closure) 
  • Tuesday 4/3/18 from 5-5:45pm (late make-ups)
  • Thursday 4/5/18 from 5-5:45pm (late make-ups)
    • ​Evaluations will be held at Carl Sandburg Middle School (30 Harmony Rd, Levittown PA 19056) & take about 10 minutes.  They will be done on a first come first serve basis.  

Full payment for the Clinic, Camp, & Summer training are due upon the first day of participation in each program.  Team membership will be made similarly in installments.  

  • Curent members do not have to register for Spring & Summer programming.  If a current member is going to take time off in the Spring &/ Summer an email is required to properly suspend the account and roster spot hil your return.

Offered this summer will be the following...

Spring Clinic:

  • will begin immediately after Easter school break and will run for 6 weeks.
    • ​4/3/18 through 5/11/18
    • Advanced Skills Clinic (11 & Over)
      • Tuesday & Thursday 6:30-8pm + Friday 5:30-7pm
      • Cost= $175.00 
    • Developing Skills Clinic (14 & under)
      • Tuesday & Thursday 5:30-6:30pm + Friday 6-7pm  \
      • Cost= $100.00
    • Dryland Physical Prep Clinic (11 & over)
      • ​Monday, Wednesday, Friday 7:20-8:20pm 
      • Cost= $100.00
  • placement based on age & ability.  (More groups may be added, if needed)
  • Placement will be made through in person evaluations prior to the start date.  (Email to schedule) 
  • the focus is on the advancement of technical skills & development of coordinated movements.  An additional conditioning element will be a part of the more advanced groups.

Spring Training Camp:

  • will begin immediately following the Clinic and will run 6 weeks to Father's Day weekend.
  • 3 groups will be offered- based on age & ability- placement will be based of Clinic performance or in person evaluations done prior to the start date.  
  • Schedules will be set based on registration numbers but will be similar to the Clinic.  
  • Costs for the Training Camp will be the same as the Clinic above.  
  • the focus will be on preparing athletes for summer competitions and teaching athlete proper training.

Summer Training:

  • will begin immediately following the Camp and will run through the first week of August.  
  • 3 groups will be offered- based on age & ability- placement will be based of performance during the Camp or in person evaluations prior to the start date.  
  • The schedule will be based on registration numbers, pool availability, & summer schedules.  Training will be Primarily Monday, Wednesday, Friday evenings & Saturday morning.  
  • Costs will be the same as the Summer option listed for Team Membership below.
  • the focus will be on training athletes properly in preparations for summer championship meets.  

Team Membership:

  • Team Membership includes additional training time throughout the Clinic, Camp, & Summer.  Groups include the Clinic sessions but add training sessions on Monday, Wednesday, & Saturday as well.  
  • Team Membership comes with a minimum commitent through Father's Day weekend, with the Summer option.  This option required the additional cost of USA & AAU registration.  
  • Cost through Father's Day weekend;
    • Senior= $570.00 (Summer option payment= $200.00)
    • Junior= $450.00 (Summer option payment= $175.00)
    • Age Group= $360 (Summer option payment= $150.00)