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Registration Information for 2018-19:

*all athletes must be registered with USA Swimming & AAU for insurance purposes. 
Evaluations for placement:
*required for all NEW registrations 
-all evaluations will be held at Carl Sandburg Middle School (30 Harmony Rd, Levittown PA 19056), unless otherwise arranged 
-Evaluations must be completed prior to the athlete's 1st practice
-Registration can be done anytime prior to the athlete's 1st practice (before or after evaluations)
-there is no cost or commitment to be evaluated.
-Evaluations take approximately 10 minutes to complete.
-Evaluations will be scheduled every 15 minutes during the available time periods below.
-Please bring proper towel, swim suit, goggles, & cap (if hair is long)
Evaluations by appointment: 
-available August 6th through 10th & 20th through 24th- from 10am to 12pm (noon)
-available September 4th & 5th- from 5:30pm to 7pm 
Walk-in evaluations (1st come, 1st served):
-available September 6th & 7th- from 5:30pm to 7pm 
Full Team Membership Track:
Registration fee= once yearly & due at the time of registration (for all groups)
-1st athlete= $200.00
-2nd & beyond= $100.00 for each additional 
*includes all USA & AAU premium registration fees (unlimited competitions allowed) 
*registration fees are non-refundable 
Training Groups & fees:
-Age Group=   10x monthly payments of $135.00   
-Junior Prep=  10x monthly payments of $155.00 
-Junior=           10x monthly payments of $175.00 
-Senior Prep= 10x monthly payments of $200.00
-Senior=          10x monthly payments of $220.00                    
*Athletes in these groups are expected to compete in select team competitions 
*High Performance Mornings are by invitation only.  
Multiple Athlete Discount of Training fees:
2nd athlete= 25% off 
3rd athlete= 50% off 
4th & beyond= free 
 *athletes MUST be registered for Full Team Membership & MUST be members of the same immediate family & household to be eligible for discounts.  
Selective Participation Track:
Registration fee= once yearly & due at the time of registration (for all groups)
-All athletes= $50.00 each 
*includes all USA & AAU flex registration fees (no competitions permitted- upgraded registration would be needed to compete, at an additional cost)
*registration fees are non-refundable 
Programs, Commitment periods, Groups, & fees:
Fall/ Spring Clinic: Tuesday, Thursday, & Friday (September 10th through October 13th)
-Developing: (participate w/ Age Group)= $150.00 (one time payment) 
-Advanced: (participate w/ Junior)=           $200.00 (one time payment) 
*billed September 1st, charged September 15th
Fall/Spring Training Camp: Tuesday, Thursday, & Friday (October 15th through November 21st)
-Developing: (participate w/ Age Group)= $150.00 (one time payment)
-Advanced: (participate w/ Junior)=           $200.00 (one time payment) 
*billed October 1st, charged October 15th
High School Prep: M-Th + Sa (September 10th through November 16th)
-Developing: (participate w/ Senior Prep)= 2x monthly payments of $300.00 
-Advanced: (participate w/ Senior)=            2x monthly payments of $350.00
*billed September 1st & October 1st, charged September 15th & October 15th
*selective participation track does NOT offer multi-athlete discounts.  
Practice Schedule:
-a final practice schedule will be set on September 4th for the 1st phase of the training year.
-all evening practice groups will be scheduled as closely to the 6-7pm hour as possible.
-scheduling will be based upon roster sizes & pool availability, along with space & time requirements for effective training within each phase of the year.
-NRG reserves the right to amend practice schedules throughout the year to best suit the circumstances and immediate needs of the athletes.  The goal being to provide the most convenient yet effective training environment possible under the most current conditions.
-Evening practices will not go beyond 7pm on M/W/F or starting prior to 4pm on Tu/Th due to other programming within the facility.  
-Evening practices will never start prior to 3:15pm or go beyond 9pm under any circumstances.
Examples of possible group schedules:
Minimum Condensed Practice Schedule (smallest size):
-Age Group= Tu/Th/F @6-7pm + Sa @7-8:15am
-Juniors= M-Th @5:30-7pm* + Sa @6:30-8:15am 
-Seniors= M/W/F @5-7pm + Tu/Th @5:30-7:30pm* + Sa 5:45-8:15am 
*could possibly push start times back 30 minutes on Tu & Th 
Maximum Expanded Practice Schedule (largest possible size-only if necessary):
-Age Group= Tu/Th/F @6-7pm* + Sa @7-8:15am 
-Juniors= M/W @5:30-7pm + Tu/Th @7-8:30pm* + Sa @6:30-8:15am 
-Seniors= M/W @3:30-5:30 + Tu/Th/F @4-6pm* + Sa @5:45-8:15am 
*could possibly push start times back 30 minutes on Tu & Th 
-Senior Prep= M/W/Sa w/ Juniors + Tu/Th/F w/ Seniors 
-Junior Prep= M/W w/ Juniors + Tu/Th/Sa w/ Age a Group 
-Advanced Clinic & Camp= Tu/Th w/ Juniors + F w/ Age Group 
-Developing Clinic & Camp= Tu/Th/F w/ Age Group 
 Additional information:
-placement will be assigned by the coaching staff, all new athletes must be evaluated prior to the start of the season (please contact Coach Ray for evaluation appointment).
-a credit card MUST be on file with each family's account to complete registration & activate your account.  New registrations must pay for registration with the credit card to complete registration & account set-up. 
-accounts will be billed on the 1st of each month.  This includes training fees & any non-reoccurring fees (competitions, apparel, etc.) that have been accrued.   
-the account's credit cards will be charged the balance of the account on the 15th of each month, there is a $0.30 + 2.95%  per transaction fee associated with the use of credit cards, charged by the web service used.  
-Once registration is complete, accounts can avoid having the credit card charged by making a cash or check payment prior to the 10th of each month for the balance owed.  
-There will be no training fees charged in July or August. 
-competitions, apparel purchases, etc are in addition to training costs.  
-athletes selecting team membership are expected to participate throughout the school-year, with summer participation optional (no additional cost).  Participant families are financially responsible for the full duration of payments during that time.  
-the selective participation track only runs September through Thanksgiving & April through Fathers Day.  Participation in Winter & Summer Seasons requires Full Team Membership.
-athletes may transfer to Full Team membership at any time, but will be responsible for the balance of their Selective enrollment, registration fees for Full Team Membership, & the training fees of their training group from the time of transfer through the end swimming year.  
Promotional certificates: 
-Each year NRG donates several certificates to local recreational programs to be used in the aid of fundraising for that particular program.  
-These certificates are good for participation in either our Fall/ Spring Clinic or to discount the High school Prep / NEW Full Team membership training fees by the certificate's face value.
-Certificates must be redeemed under a separate registration system.  Please contact Coach Ray for details if you have one of these certificates, as a small registration fee is still required to cover costs.