The 2020 Summer Swim Season has been canceled due to COVID 19. 

Please contact Darcy Schenden at  for further information.

The Sharks remain the only organized community athletic activity in the Smoky Hill Metro District.  We are a summer program located at
5405 S. Telluride St., Centennial, Colorado 80015 (Telluride is between Smoky Hill Road and Orchard Road).

Swimming, especially competitive swimming, offers numerous benefits for the children such as building self-esteem, teamwork, and physical conditioning. Children can develop skills and set goals that they are comfortable with. Coaches are dedicated to providing each swimmer the best in instruction and motivation.

Year after year, the swimmers, parents, and Swim Team Board of Directors strive to provide a first-rate social and athletic environment for everyone involved. Everyone plays a specific and significant part in the success of our team. The swimmers, win or lose, rain or shine, give it their all. It's also up to the parents to give their all because each swim meet requires dozens of volunteers in order to run smoothly. All parents are required to volunteer at every meet, whether at home or away.



===================   2021 SEASON  =====================

WHO can join?

The sharks swim team is open to swimmers aged 5 to 18 as of June 1st, 2021.  Each swimmer must be able to swim at least one legal stroke the length of the pool (25 meters) without stopping or touching the side.

WHEN is the season?

The Sharks swim team season starts the end of May and runs thru mid-July (League All-star meet).  The team swims in 5 dual meets against teams in the Mountain Hi Swim League, Division B for the 2021 season followed by preliminary meet(s), a Championship meet, and an optional All-Star meet.

Additionally, the Sharks have an optional Preseason Clinic that runs the week before the season begins. The Preseason clinic is highly encouraged so swimmers are prepared for the first week of practice and the first meet in June.  Preseason clinic is a difficult event to plan; Mother Nature in May is so unpredictable. This year, we will be offering a shortened indoor/outdoor preseason. When possible, we will be swimming, otherwise due to inclement weather, drylands and team building activities in the clubhouse.  Preseason clinic is a great way for new swimmers to the team to meet coaches and other swimmers.

WHERE and WHEN do you practice?

OUTDOOR PRACTICE Practices are held at the Smoky Hill Pool, 5404 S. Telluride.


HOW MUCH TIME is involved?

Swimmers are expected to attend at least three practices a week - obviously, if there is a conflict touch base with the coach, we do realize we aren't the only activity on your family's schedule.

Each family is required to volunteer at each meet they are signed up to attend and one social event (please see volunteer policy in the registration packet).  Meets will be held at local pools on Saturday mornings (estimated 6:30 a.m. – 1:30 p.m. including warmups) May, June, and July.