Welcome Swim Families!

Welcome to the Kentwood Aquatics Club swim team site. Within this site you will find pertinent information for you and your child regarding the Kentwood Aquatics Club. We hope you find this information helpful throughout the swim seasons. 

Swimming is a great activity, a super age-group sport and a fun team experience.  We want to encourage young athletes to pursue and attain personal goals as well as gain satisfaction that comes from being a part of a team.  Our coaches teach and encourage all areas of swimming, including sportsmanship, teamwork, sound work ethics and the love of competition. In this, we hope your child grows in his or her own personal achievements.

Coaching Staff
Silver Group (Age 11-14) CoachBranden Graf (
Bronze Group (Age 11-14) CoachTom Topolski (
Black Group (Age 10 & Under) CoachMonika Steffens (
Red Group (Age 10 & Under) CoachAshley VanderMeulen & Sammie Sutherlin

Team Administration
Co-KAC Program DirectorAlexander Brinks (
Co-KAC Program Director : Matt Kruse (

KPS Aquatic Center DirectorJoey Sutherlin (
KAC Team Treasurer  LuAnn Ejsmont (

Who Are We ...

The Kentwood Aquatics Club (KAC) is a non-profit, age group swim team sponsored by the Kentwood Public Schools District. Our home pool is the Kentwood Public Schools Aquatic Center ( address link).  The teams participate in competitive swim meets with others team in the West Michigan Swim League.

The Age Group team is for boys and girls, ages 6 to 14, and swims/competes in two distinctive seasons, Winter (Nov-Feb) and Summer (May-Jul) seasons.

Parents are encouraged to help and support your swimmer to benefit from this sport in all these ways. We want parents to help your swimmer set personal goals and feel good about their own personal accomplishments. Parental encouragement is essential for a team and/or coach to succeed. Remember, while winning is important, it is not everything.

KAC Vision

Beyond mastering skills and achieving physical fitness; our swimmers will gain confidence, sportsmanship, discipline, commitment, and an understanding that success results from hard work and goal setting. They will learn the value of being part of a team. Our aim is to make swimming an important and enjoyable part of our members’ lives. Parents are encouraged to be actively involved in many aspects of the team the team experience.

KAC Mission

To provide young people with positive experiences through competitive swimming that will last a lifetime.  The coaching staff believes that the following concepts are of great value to our student athletes. As an organization, the Kentwood Aquatic Club (KAC) will strive:

  • To develop proper stroke mechanics and competitive technique

  • To teach and emphasize good sportsmanship

  • To increase self esteem and motivation, to encourage hard work, goal setting, and goal achievement

  • To instill the values of dedication, commitment, and team loyalty

  • To encourage swimmers to strive for their personal best

  • To provide an environment for our swimmers to reach their maximum potential

  • To provide swimmers with the foundation to be successful competitive swimmers in middle school, high school and beyond.