About Kingfish Aquatic Club of Waterford

The Kingfish Aquatics is a YEAR ROUND USA Swim Club. The purpose of a swim team is to teach and refine technique for all four of the competitive strokes along with setting personal and team goals. We compete in USA swim meets in the Metro Detroit area and a local Swim League. Our coaches will encourage sportsmanship, the love of competition, and teamwork. This team will provide an opportunity for the area youth to learn how to be a competitive swimmer.

Participants will have the opportunity to practice one to seven times per week based on their age, ability and level. Practices are not mandatory, however the more you attend the better you will become. We let you choose how often to attend practice (what level your at) and which swim meets you want to compete in.

Why is Kingfish so great?

  • Great coaching for every level swimmer.
  • Great communication with members.
  • Two dedicated pools (Mott HS and Kettering HS).
  • Great competition in practices, from national level to beginner swimmers.
  • Convenient practice schedules. ALL practices end before 8:00PM. Lower levels has flexible days of the week (Explorer and Development).
  • Practices available 7 days a week (Elite and Elite Performance).
  • Practice group dedicated to national level swimming
  • Dry-land available up to 6 days a week  
  • No board changing the direction of the club every few years

Kingfish Aquatics practices at Mott and Kettering pools in Waterford.  We have swimmers from all over the metro Detroit area swimming with us.  

Practice Levels

Kingfish  are separated into several levels depending on the swimmer's age and skill. The coaches will make the final decision as to what level the swimmer will belong to. 

Advanced, Elite and Elite Performance swimmers swim at Mott

Explorer, Development, and Endurance practice at Kettering.**Currently Combined at Mott**

Learn to Swim

This is the Red Cross program that is taught through the Pool & Fitness Center program in Waterford.  Many swimmers make the transition into the  Kingfish program.  As you can see the swimmers in the Learn to Swim Program have a wide range of skills.  This is why it is important to come in for an evaluation to be placed in the right level.  This is a simple process of coming to a practice and seeing one of the coaches. 


Swimmers who are able to swim one length of the pool (25 yards) front crawl without stopping. Swimmers have knowledge of the four competitive strokes and swim them legally. Swimmers will train up to twice a week for an hour each practice. Training spends a lot of time working on stroke development. Criteria to move to "Development", is to successfully compete in a freestyle and backstroke events in a USA Swimming meet and a desire to develop better skills. 


This is a development level for swimmers who can swim, legally, all four competitive strokes. Training will emphasize proper stroke technique, including starts, turns and stroke finishes. Swimmers will train up to three days per week for 2 hours each practice. At this level the dry land continues to challenge the athletes and helps them develop to the next level. Criteria to move to "Endurance", successfully complete in a butterfly, Backstroke, breaststroke and freestyle events in a USA meet. They also need to be able to hold 2:00 or better per 100 freestyle. Monday, Wednesday, and Friday


Move from development to building endurance. Swimmers who can successfully swim all four competitive strokes legally and can hold 1:30 per 100 or better. Training will emphasize proper stroke technique, including starts, turns and stroke finishes. Swimmers will train up to five days per week for 2 hours each practice. At this level the dry land continues to challenge the athletes and helps them develop endurance for the next level.


Advanced level swimmers who have mastered the basics from development level and can hold 1:30 per 100 or better. Continued work on proper stroke technique, endurance, and personal goal setting are key aspects of this level of training. These swimmers should have state cuts. Swimmers train up to five days per week, for 2.5 hours each practice and an optional half hour of dry land each day.


This workout group is for State, Zone and Sectional level athletes, and train up to seven days per week for 2.5 hours each practice, with 3 hours a week available for dry land. During the holiday and summer break from school they can take part in an additional 2 hours of practice time Monday-Friday. 

Elite Performance

This workout group is for Scoring Sectional, Zone, and Junior and Senior National level swimmers who have already demonstrated the ability to perform and commit to a level of this caliber. These swimmers must be totally committed to improving their performance at the National level and maintain 90% attendance level year round. During the holiday and summer break from school they can take part in an additional 2 hours of practice time Monday-Friday.

Regular Practice Times

Please click HERE for updated practice times.



Kingfish competes in two leagues.  The first and our primary focus is USA Swimming.


usaswimming logousl        The second league, United Swim League (USL) is geared for our new swimmers that are still learning the ropes of competing and need a little less pressure.  

          For our advanced swimmers, this is a great opportunity to try events and techniques the are new and still being developed.     



Social Activities

Not only do we work hard at practices and meets, we also play hard!  The Booster Club organizes swim meets and social events for team members. This year, 2014-2015 we did the following events:

  • September: Welcome back & Open Water Swim Practice on the Lake

  • October: Halloween party

  • December: Holiday party

  • January: International Potluck for Parents

  • February: Valentines party

  • March: State Championship Fire-up Dinner

  • April: Annual KAW Banquet

  • June: Pancake Breakfast

  • July:  Bagel Breakfast

  • August: KAW Summer Picnic at Pontiac Lake

In addition to these events, the parents also scheduled other parties and minor trips for swimmers.

Dues and Fees

15-16 Year Pricing   Seasonal    4 month   Monthly  


August - March







August. - November.


December - March



Yearly Total    Monthly Yearly Total Drop in
Elite performance   $752 $384 $1136   $384 $384 $384 $1152   $102 $1224 $12
Elite    $714 $364 $1078   $364 $364 $364 $1092   $97 $1164 $11
Advanced    $673 $343 $1016   $343 $343 $343 $1029   $92 $1104 $11
Endurance   $623 $318 $941   $318 $318 $318 $954   $86 $1032 $9
Development    $529 $271 $800   $271 $271 $271 $813   $73.50 $882 $9
Explorer 4   $475 $244 $719   $244 $244 $244 $732   $66.50 $798 $7
Explorer 2    $439 $224 $663   $224 $224 $224 $672   $61.25 $735 $7
Explorer 1 *   $243 $125 $368   $125 $125 $125 $375   $36.75 $441 $7
  • Short Course Starts August 17th.
  • If registering mid-season (after Sept. 15) you will need to select monthly billing. In Nov. you may change to 4 - Month.
  • Drop in swimmers are accepted and will be charged to your club account.  You must be a Member of Kingfish to use this payment.  This is meant for the "In High School-Season" swimmers "DURING their season ONLY", afterwards their account will be placed back accordingly.
  • Late Fee $10.00 Applied on the 10th. 
  • Account changes must be submitted via email by 20th of each month to effect the next billing cycle (1st) Submitting late will result in a $10 fee.
  • When leaving the club or taking a break an email notification must be received for a suspension or cancelation of automatic payment.  No refunds will be given unless notice has been given in advance.  15 days notice is required.
  • Personal checks are not accepted, you must have a credit card on file. 
  • Credit Card transactions fee of 3.00 will apply.
  • Try Out (not to exceed a week)​.
  • * No USA Swimming card is needed for these lesson groups.