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With the Marlins, Everyone Swims, and Everyone Wins!!

Established in 1967, we continue to be one of the largest swim families in Macomb County. The purpose of the Macomb YMCA Marlins Swim Team is to encourage youth to develop strong minds and bodies, to become self-disciplined and exhibit good sportsmanship and team spirit. As a part of Michigan's 21 YMCA teams, we accept swimmers of all abilities while offering differentiated programming for any swimmer's ability or competitive drive. The Marlins swim for enjoyment, the improvement of strokes and technique, all while building character.


Team Accomplishments

  • Since 2004, MYM has had:
    • 398 YMCA State Qualifiers
    • 189 YMCA Zone Qualifiers
    • 42 YMCA National Qualifiers
  • Mark Leonard competed in the Pan-Pacific Championships in 1995, placing 4th in the 5K (open water). He also participated in the FINA Open World Championships in 2000, placing 2nd in the 25K and 4th in the 5K.
  • In 2011 the 800 free relay team, Nichole Contesti, Nicole Hranchook, Hannah Pugh and Marah Pugh, placed top 16 at YMCA Nationals.
  • 2008-2014 Marah Pugh won 19 individual Zone titles.
  • Father and Son both qualified for Nationals as Marlins. Karl (1986) and Jacob(2015&2016) Klomp.