Mission Statement 
The Mission of the Weymouth Club Waves is to develop each athlete to their greatest possible 
potential. The Waves provide quality instruction and coaching for swimmers and families with the 
overall goal of producing exceptional well rounded individuals. 
The Vision of the Weymouth Club Waves is to be competitively recognized at the highest levels of USA 
Swimming from Age Group to the Senior level of competitions and championships. 
Team Values: Teamwork, Dedication, Integrity, & Toughness. 
Team Motto: "In pursuit of excellence." 
Team Goal: 15% of Waves Swimmers being USA Swimming Sectional Qualifiers
Team Objectives: 
1. Provide stability and consistency throughout the program with a staff of professional coaches. 
2. Promote goal setting throughout the program. 
3. Develop each athletes independency and emotional stability. 
4. Encourage and reward "work-ethic." Success is the result of proper hard work. 
5. Develop sportsmanship, team unity, and leadership qualities. 
6. Prepare for the next step; entering into the collegiate ranks; academically and athletically.