We are excited to offer short summer sessions as we come back from break. For the second summer session we will have White and Blue groups only at North/Celina Y, and Silver and Gold groups at BOTH branches. For a practice group descripion, click HERE.  Our registration numbers will again be limited to allow for safety and convenience for all families.


  • All participants must be members of the Auglaize Mercer YMCA. If you have a YMCA membership from another Y and do not wish to change, please discuss this option with Coach Matt (
  • We will have no more than 3 swimmers per lane
  • Swimmers should bring their own equipment if they have it. Fins would be great! We will not be able to use any equipment or lost-and-found items at the pool.
  • Please arrive promptly and plan to pick your swimmers up promptly after practice.
  • Restrooms will be available, but locker rooms likely will not be available. PLEASE HAVE YOUR SWIMMERS COME TO PRACTICE ALREADY IN THEIR PRACTICE SUITS!!!
  • At this time we do not have any meets on the schedule for summer.


  • White and Blue groups will only be offered at North Y (Celina) for this session. Silver and Gold will still be options at South Y, along with also offered at North Y.
  • The practice schedule has changed for Session Two to better use pool time and coaches availability, plus keep practices from going too late. There are no longer any Friday practices due to low attendance.
  • Registration will begin on our team website for previous AMFY swimmers Tuesday, July 7 at noon. New families may register starting July 10 at 10am. Spaces are first come, first serve.


This session is five weeks long! The past session was only four weeks long (which is why the cost is slightly higher)

    • WHITE GROUP (Ages 8-10): Y MEMBER COST $70
      • Monday 4-5p, Wednesday 4:30-5:45p, Thursday 4-5p
    • BLUE GROUP (Ages 9-12): Y MEMBER COST $70
      • Monday 5-6p, Tuesday 4:30-5:45p, Thursday 5-6p
    • SILVER GROUP (Ages 11-15): Y MEMBER COST $85
      • Monday 6-7p, Tuesday 5:45-7p, Wednesday 5:45-7p, Thursday 6-7p
    • GOLD GROUP (Ages 14-18): Y MEMBER COST $95
      • Monday 7-8:30p, Tuesday 7-8:30p, Wednesday 7-8:30p, Thursday 7-8:30p
    • SILVER GROUP (Ages 11-15): Y MEMBER COST $95
      • Monday 7-8:30p, Tuesday 7-8:30p, Wednesday 7-8:30p, Thursday 7-8:30p
    • GOLD GROUP (Ages 14-18): Y MEMBER COST $95
      • Monday 7-8:30p, Tuesday 7-8:30p, Wednesday 7-8:30p, Thursday 7-8:30p


Information for our Fall/Winter 2020 season is TBD, and may be delayed as we evaluate the current COVID-19 situation.

Info from Fall/Winter 2019:

Thanks for seeking us out! We are a year-round club swim team owned and operated by the Auglaize-Mercer Family YMCA. All participants on the AMFY Swim Team must be current members of the Auglaize-Mercer YMCA. They must be members when they first start practice and keep the membership current through the end of the season. You can sign up for a membership at the front desk of either branch. For membership rates, click HERE.

Please feel free to browse our website for more info on the team. Specific questions can be directed to Coach Matt (


  1. Attend a team evaluation. It does not matter which date as long as you attend one with your swimmer(s). This evaluation is to ensure your swimmer is "swim team ready" so the practices will be reasonable for them and not beyond their abilities. We want all swimmers to enjoy their experience on the team and NOT discourage them. We will also give you the practice group we feel would be best for their abilities. All new swimmers to AMFY must be evaluated prior to registration. 
  2. Attend the Parent Fair, meeting or review information online. This info is TBD.
  3. Register your swimmer. You only need to pay the non-refundable deposit upon registration. Registration is first-come, first-serve for our team. We do sometimes run a wait-list for our practice groups, so register early. If you try to register and it says the group is full, please email Coach Matt ( to be added to the wait list. Do NOT sign your swimmer up for a different group.
  4. Plan to have your swimmer(s) membership active starting their first day of practice. You can visit the front desk of either location to discuss membership options and sign up.