Team Eugene Aquatics, in cooperation with the Eugene Family YMCA, is a year-round competitive swim team offering instruction, training, and competition to children and young adults of all ages and abilities. Our team is a non-profit organization financed and supported by its members. The management and operation of Team Eugene is governed by a parent Board of Directors. Team Eugene receives no public funding from the City of Eugene and pays for its use of public facilities.

Previously known as Eugene City Swim Club, created in 1968, our program has helped develop the abilities of many of the area's finest swimmers. Club members have included numerous nationally ranked age group and senior swimmers, as well as college and university standouts.

Team Eugene will build on the reputation of ECSC, and will establish itself as one of the top teams in the state of Oregon and the Northwest. We compete in local, regional, national, and international competitions sanctioned by United States Swimming and the YMCA.

~2009 TEAM~

We are very proud of our rich tradition and history and thank you for taking the time to learn about us!

Team Eugene Aquatics-YMCA Philosophy
Team Eugene, a member of United States Swimming, encourages athletes to succeed as competitors in the pool as well as citizens of their communities. While natural athletic talent is not bestowed in equal amounts, excellence is an attainable goal for everyone willing to work for it.

The physical skills acquired by the swimmer are only part of the club experience. The most successful swimmers have a great deal of positive support from family members who realize that while swimming is an important part of the athlete’s life, it is only a facet in developing a well-rounded character.

Rigorous training and spirited competition will help the athlete attain short-term goals, and prepare him (her) for long-term success in many endeavors. Competitive swimming helps lay the foundation for a lifetime of good health, discipline, perseverance, focused goal attainment and teamwork.


The roles of the coach, athlete, and parent are all important and all are expected to participate. But ultimately, the club exists for the good of the swimmers. Efforts of the coaches and the parents are to be directed toward that end. Loyalty, lasting friendships, and fun are happy benefits of the club experience.

Team Eugene Aquatics-YMCA Mission Statement
Team Eugene Aquatics, in cooperation with the Eugene Family YMCA, provides the opportunity for athletes of all abilities to achieve their ultimate potential with proper training in a positive, healthy environment. We strive to build meaningful experiences with an emphasis on the YMCA's core character values:
Caring, Honesty, Responsibility and Respect.