Willamalane's Purpose & Mission


“To promote lifelong fitness by providing aquatic training programs suitable for athletes of all levels.”

(Adopted by WSC Board of Directors, 5/14/13)

WSC’s purpose:

  • To provide an opportunity for all swimmers eligible for membership to engage in a whole‐ some, lifetime sport, and recreational activity.
  • To promote physical fitness and good patterns of physical development and to encourage proper conditioning and health habits;
  • To provide opportunities for social, emotional, and educational development and to encourage peer and family participation; and,
  • To promote and provide an opportunity for members to compete in organized swimming competitions. (From the corporation’s by-laws)

Organization of Willamalane Swim Club

                WSC is a USA Swimming club. When your swimmer joins WSC they are also joining Oregon Swimming, Inc. (OSI), and USA Swimming.

                WSC (officially Willamalane Swim Club Boosters, Inc.) is an Oregon private, non-profit 501(c)(3) corporation. A volunteer Board of Directors is responsible for the governance, fiscal health and overall operation of the club. The Board holds an official meeting on the second Monday of every month at 5:30pm. WSC employs a head coach, who is responsible to the Board, and several assistant coaches who are supervised by the head coach.  

The head coach is responsible for supervising the assistants, establishing swimming groups, organizing the workout schedules, organizing and maintaining a swim-meet schedule, and effectively communicating relevant information to the board and WSC members. The club relies on volunteerism of our swim families in order to operate and run swim meets.

WSC Coaching Philosophy

                WSC’s coaching philosophy can best be described as a holistic approach to training. The various elements contained in this approach include the following:

SLOW SWIMMING - You have to learn how to swim slowly and correctly before you can swim fast.

DRILLS - Any good competitive swim program utilizes simple stroke drills designed to enhance form in all training sessions. Drills should be simple and concise.

INDIVIDUAL MEDLEY - Young swimmers must learn to swim all strokes and perform in all distances. While each individual may like or dislike certain events, exclusive event and stroke specialization should be reserved for the college years and beyond.

TRAINING VOLUME - How much one trains are less a function of a set number of yards and more a function of individual abilities and capacity for work. The third law of learning states that an individual must be ready physically and mentally for learning to take place. 

PLANNING - A coherent approach to each training session and each season, coupled with longer term planning, is vital to the health and growth of a successful swim team.

TOOLS - any coaching philosophy must be grounded in common sense and based on the cooperative efforts of a well- trained coaching staff, motivated young athletes, supportive parents and a cooperative facility staff.

If you have any questions about our approach, please talk with one of the coaches. Also, please check the bulletin board near the pool regularly for posted information. 


WSC Codes of Conduct 2018-19

  • Swimmers are encouraged to support their teammates at practice as well as in competition. Working together as a unit for the benefit of all individuals is an important part of WSC spirit.
  • WSC swimmers are expected to follow the verbal directions of the coaching staff at all times. At no time will disrespectful attitudes be tolerated from swimmers, parents or coaches. Swimmers who are disrespectful toward a coach or teammate will be asked to leave the workout, event or activity and will not be allowed to attend again until the situation has been resolved.
  • At all WSC club functions, whether at practice, meets, social gatherings or on social media, we expect each swimmer, parent and coach to behave in a way that their actions reflect positively on Willamalane Swim Club.
  • All members of the club, including, coaches, parents and swimmers, should continue to protect the reputation the club has throughout the state and country.
  • Members should display proper respect and sportsmanship to all coaches, officials, administrators, teammates, fellow competitors and the public at all times.
  • The possession and/or use of alcohol, tobacco products, or any other non-prescribed drugs by any minor athlete is prohibited.
  • Inappropriate language, including swearing or derogatory comments, lying, stealing and vandalism are intolerable.
  • Swimmers are expected to respect and follow the Willamalane Park & Swimming Center Rules and Regulations. Swimmers shall conduct themselves respectfully at all times.
  • In order to maintain a professional atmosphere that is conducive to concentration, sportsmanship, mutual respect and safety, and an environment that is consistent with the mission of our Club, swimmers shall refrain from all Public Displays of Affection (PDA) while at the WSC practices, meets, or while attending and/or participating in any WSC-related activity, or while on any of the premises thereof.
  • All members and guests must also comply with the USA Swimming Codes of Conducts.
  • All team members and parents will be required to sign the WSC Code of Conduct. Failure to electronically agree, or sign and return this document will result in suspension from the club until it is signed and returned.

Failure to comply with the Willamalane Swim Club with the Codes of Conduct as set forth in this document may result in disciplinary action and are subject to suspension or expulsion and will be determined after the consideration of all the pertinent facts are reviewed and at the boards discretion.