Program Design and Philosophy

The Carson Tigersharks is a competitive swimming team serving all levels of the sport. We offer a variety of programs from the beginning of the sport through the National/International level including a masters (adult) fitness and competitive program.

The foundation of the Carson Tigersharks program is a belief that swimmers should progress at a natural rate with a measured and consistent development of skills. Swimming is a lifelong activity and everyone can be successful while learning the difficult movements required.  The Tigersharks recognize that everyone learns, grows, and matures at varying rates, and it is important that our program provides a quality teaching and training environment that builds confidence within each individual.


Tigersharks Team Handbook

Tigersharks Team Bylaws

Membership Agreement

2017-2018 Volunteer Policy

Swimmer Information Sheet

Code of Conduct

Team Travel Policy

Concussion Policy

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Bully Action Plan

Milestones in Tigersharks History

January 17, 1969     Carson Swim Club Formed

April 1, 1982            Name changed to Carson Aquatic Club

August 24, 1999       Name changed to Carson Tigersharks

The Carson Tigersharks program is a member of USA Swimming, Inc., the national governing body for the sport of competitive swimming in our country.  USA Swimming, Inc. supports, guides, and implements, the rules and regulations governing the sport of competitive swimming.  In addition, USA Swimming selects all teams representing our country in international competitions each year.  The USA Olympic Swim Team is chosen by the USA Swimming sponsored Olympic Trials every four years.  All of our swimming Olympians are members of USA Swimming.

There are over 2,800 swimming club teams with over 300,000 registered USA swimmers in our country. 

A total of 59 geographically defined Local Swimming Committees (LSCs) serve as the administrative bodies for USA Swimming.  Carson Tigersharks belong to the LSC  Pacific Swimming.  Pacific Swimming is the 3rd largest LSC in the country governing 120 teams and over 16,000 swimmers.

Carson Tigersharks is also a member of United States Masters Swimming (USMS) providing fitness and competitive swimming to adults ages 19+.  Our organization is also a member of Pacific Masters, the local governing body for USMS.

Carson Tigersharks is a non-profit, 501 3(c), parent-volunteer organization operated by an all-volunteer Board of Directors and managed by a professionally certified group of coaches.  Our programs provide swimming instruction and training to ages 6-70+.