Gold’s Aquatics Club

Gold’s Aquatics Club was started in 2007. We started the team with 20 swimmers and one coach. Our oldest swimmer at the time was 12 years old. It was our vision to create a program that would highlight the benefits of a high-quality program while continually considering the needs of our swimmers. We focused on having a team that took all facets of development into concern when forming our training groups. We considered the emotional and physical growth stages into account, to create a positive training environment for all.

We limit out youngest swimmers training options; to allow for them to explore other activities, as well as leaving time for them to just be kids. This approach allows us to use the practice time we have to keep our swimmers focused on specific training aspects. As our Age Group swimmers progress through our program they have expanded options and expectations for training.

In any successful program, you must reflect on your strengths and areas of growth. In January of 2019, we added a new training group. It Is our Novice 2 program. We have several swimmers interested in joining the team as 11-14-year-old swimmers with limited competitive experience. We had found that often swimmers in the age group were overwhelmed by joining swimmers that may have as much as 5 years experience on the team. We created this new group to allow them to join the team and build the skills and confidence needed for a successful transition into our other training groups.  

Our Senior program has three different paths, so that we can continue to meet the needs of our swimmers at each training level. We have the Senior Intro Group, Intermediate Senior and Advanced Senior options. Each training group has its own time standard and attendance expectation.  This is a busy time of life for our athletes, and we want to be able to meet them, where they are and assist in their commitment and goals. For some of our swimmers it is fitness, for others its focusing on attending national level meets and college swimming.

As our swimmers continue to develop, we reevaluate group placement at the start of the season, December, March, and again in June. This allows us to have the greatest impact in our groups, with the least impact on training. We want to be sure our swimmers are prepared to feel successful with each move. We also use this time to access our coaching needs. As the team has steadily grown, we have added coaching staff to continue our coach to swimmer ratio. We are excited to have a team of five coaches on deck.

In the last several years we have had swimmers graduate; with many of our swimmers going on to swim at a college level. We are proud to say that we have assisted each of our swimmers interested in swimming in college to find a school and program that is a good for them.  We have past swimmers participating at Division I, II, and III. It has been exciting to be a part of their dreams and success; and we look forward to them joining us for training when they are home on breaks!  Gold’s Aquatics Club has an amazingly supportive family base. We have been able to share in the lives of many great families and look forward to building our future with new families.