We are planning another summer of FUN IN THE SUN! Your Rancho swim team committee members work hard all year to ensure the continued success of the WAHOO swim program. Our goal is to ensure that each swimmer has a very fulfilling and enjoyable experience.


The goal of Rancho's WAHOO swim team is to provide a positive, competitive environment, to foster WAHOO spirit and prepare our swimmers for our our championship LSC meet. Our coaches provide excellent stroke technique and conditioning. WAHOO swimmers will learn lessons in commitment, hard work, goal setting, team spirit and sportsmanship.  Swimmers are expected to attend practice on a regular basis beginning in the spring and throughout the summer and are encouraged to compete in meets.


Parent committment is a HUGE part of swim team, and we are successful because of active PARTICIPATION by all of you. We rely on your SUPPORT to guarantee a fun-filled, successful season for all of our swimmers.  Part of that support involves honoring your COMMITTMENT to swim meet job assignments. Please be generous with your time so that the support burden may be shared equitably. 


The 2019 swim meet & social calendar will be posted here on the website. The calendar outlines our swim meet schedule, team and age group social events and special spirit activities.



Reaching our team goals is based on the efforts of every swimmer on our team giving their all. Every swimmer counts. Mindful swimming will ultimately make our swimmers their best, but sometimes at first it doesn't always lead to the fastest times.  There is a method to the process and the season is structured to build upon itself. The swim season workouts are generally broken into 4 Phases:

Phase 1: The first few weeks of pre-season practice focus on stroke tune-up and reviewing what was learned from previous years as well as introducing new drills to get the swimmers used to the water again.

Phase 2: As the racing season begins with time trials, the workouts begin to get a little more difficult with an emphasis on training. 

Phase 3: In July, the coaches ramp up intensity so the swimmers are working harder and can learn to race when they are tired.  This prepares them for our big meet at LSC which spans over 2 days.  (Swimmers times can get slower during this period, which is a by-product of working hard).

Phase 4: Approximately 2 weeks before LSC, the coaches begin to taper - which is when the swimmers are done racing and getting more rest.  Practice goes from pure work to working smarter.  The coaches want our swimmers to get as much rest as possible during this time, and to minimize sun exposure and stay be ready to race at LSC! 

As with any activity, the more you commit and practice, the more you will get out of it and typically the better your results will be!