Swimming with MESA Swim Team

Have a question about joining MESA Swim Team?  Email our Registrar!

MESA is a Summer Swim Team - our season runs from May 15 to July 22.  MESA swims in the Boulder Valley Summer Swim League (BVSSL).  Our team consists of 140+ swimmers from 90+ families.  Practices are weekday evenings.  There are six swim meets on Saturday mornings in June and July.  Special meets also occur through the season and there is a League Championships to wrap up the season.

Main Team Requirements

The “Main Team” is the official swim team, where swimmers compete at BVSSL meets within their age groups.  To swim on the main swim team, swimmers must be able to swim front crawl with rotary breathing and swim backstroke and breaststroke for 50 yards each, and have a basic knowledge of butterfly.  They must also be able to swim any stroke continuously for eight minutes.

Pre-Team Requirements

MESA Swim Team supports a Pre-Team, which is a less formal program for young swimmers who are still developing their skills.  Usually the pre-team consists of swimmers aged 5-6-7-8, but occasionally there will be a 9 or 10 year old.  MESA partners with several other BVSSL teams to put on 1 or 2 “Pre-Team Meets”, which are held on weekday evenings during the season.  Pre-Teamers also participate in the Main Team’s dual meets during the season (in a more limited role).  Sometimes a Pre-Team swimmer will demonstrate ability and interest to move up to the Main Team early in the season.  If approved by the coaches, the team can make this change (with payment of the difference in registration fees).  Most pre-teamers move up to the main team the following season.

Pre-team swimmers must be able to perform the crawl stroke, and have an elementary backstroke and breaststroke.  They must be able to swim freestyle for 25 yards with a rudimentary over-arm stroke and rotary breathing, and backstroke for 25 yards.   They also must be able to swim any stroke continuously for six minutes and swim full breaststroke for 10 yards.

Please note that Pre-Team is not “swim lessons”.  We suggest checking with many of the health clubs in the area for availability of lessons.  Also, the Boulder Valley YMCA offers swim lesson programs – and the requirements for the Pre-Team align with the YMCA’s “FISH” swim level.  (The Main Team aligns with the YMCA’s “FLYING FISH” level.)

Training Plan

The summer swim season is short!  In just 10 weeks we have a lot to get done – so get your swimmers to practice and let the coaches do their jobs!

  • Weeks 1-3 – Good Habits and Strength
    • Stroke technique
    • Starts & Turns
    • Conditioning
  • Weeks 3-8 – Endurance vs. Speed
    • Focused conditioning
    • Personalized stroke technique and tune-up
    • Practice different race strategies
  • Weeks 9-10 – Putting it all together
    • Decide / Practice race strategy
    • Fine-tune technique