2021 Poolsharks Covid Mitigations Covid Mitigation Strategies 

These may continue to update while following best and most current practices from CDC and USA Swimming guidelines. We are in communication with health professionals & club, college, and summer league coaches from around the country - asking and learning how they have been training their swimmers as safely as possible since early on in the pandemic.

All participants (coaches, swimmers, parents) will:

*have a positive attitude

*remember that we are in a pandemic - be patient, kind, always defer towards what will keep our kids, coaches & parents safer

*everyone will do self screen checks at home to determine attendance and stay home if not passing the self screen check - do NOT attend practice/event if you or a member of your household are not feeling well

*positive covid tests from participant or household member will be communicated with Coach Beth immediately

*everyone will wear masks to & from the pool

*everyone will limit locker room use during swim team hours for bathroom only (no showers, no changing, no lingering) - swimmers & coaches should plan to come to pool in swimsuit and leave in swimsuit

*social distancing: 3’ vs 6’ - ideally we’d like the kids to stay the 6’ but will try to work with 3’ given we’ll be outside and when we’re not in water, everyone will be masked

Coaches Expectations: coaches will model appropriate mask wearing and safe behavior at all times

On deck: coaches will wear masks 100% of the time aside from pulling down mask to drink water - coaches will NOT be pulling masks down to communicate or yell louder In water: coaches coaching from IN WATER will be wearing these face shields - these shields have been in use by local club team Dynamo since early on in the pandemic. If a coach is swimming to demonstrate technique, they will temporarily remove the face shield.

Swimmer Expectations:

*swimmers will keep mask on until coach lets them know to head over to their designated lane

*after workout, swimmers will return straight to their stuff and put mask on first thing

*if and when swimmers are doing dryland work, they will wear mask

*swimmers will use their own self labeled equipment (no sharing or borrowing)

*swimmers will bring their own pre-filled water bottle to practice


Parent Expectations:

*parents will correctly wear mask 100% of the time they are on deck for their child’s Poolshark practices/events

*parents are responsible for their child’s well being & following of mitigations outside of practice times plus/minus 10 minute pre & post practice


If you are wondering about vaccinations and loosening mitigations:

We do not know enough information about the variants...even though many of Venetian folks ages 16+ will be vaccinated by May, but we don’t know for sure anything.  Numbers are rising in 27 states.


We also will be doing these things to help reduce covid spread/risk:

*podding of coaches, swimmers & lanes

*increasing coaching staff

*use your own equipment/no sharing

*in person vs virtual meets vs combo vs intrasquad

*managing lane / deck / pool / dryland numbers (athletes/coaches/parents)


Lane Spacing / Dryland Rotations:

*as much as possible, we will keep kids with the same group of peers each week/throughout the season - if a swimmer is progressing significantly beyond the average for their group, we may move them up a level - this will be the exception to the rule

*For 6U/8U groups & 13-18 group: we will aim to have 4 kids per lane (1 on each wall and 1 under each backstroke flag) - we will have ~ 50 kids signed up for each of these 2 training groups so almost all kids should be able to be in water at almost all times




*For 9-12 age group: we will increase to 6 per lane (1 on each wall,  1 under each flag, 1 approaching middle from left & right).  This is our largest training group (~100 kids) - so we will have 2 groups at each practice.  A dryland group & a water group.  Swimmers will spend half time in water and half time in dryland.