Welcome to Pacific Swim & Dive Team!  

PS&DT was started over twenty years ago by some local parents. They wanted a team for their kids to learn about swimming, diving and competing, and to develop into strong athletes for life. We are about learning, fun and competition. We develop swimmers and divers who cannot only compete in summer, but many who go on to swim and dive for club teams, high schools and colleges.  

Swimming is a skill they can use for their entire lives.  It teaches discipline, focus, team work, consistency and drive while also building strong bodies and minds. Do you have a young swimmer who is just learning the strokes? As long as they can swim 25 meters (one length of the pool) freestyle/safely they are welcome to come join the team. 

Diving teaches precision, focus and courage. The league offers us the chance to teach more introductory level dives that are appropriate for any age and ability, so long as they can swim. We also work with advanced level divers preparing for high school and beyond. 

Every child can compete at THEIR OWN LEVEL.  We do not push kids to do more than they are able, but we push them to do all that they can. 

Swimming & Diving are two of the only sports where five to eighteen year olds work together on the same team. It is a family atmosphere that encourages happy athletes and happy coaches. We welcome you to the PS&DT family and look forward to many happy years together.  Let's get in the pool!

2022 Swim & Dive Season Details and Fees

  • The first day of practice is Tuesday, May 31st.
  • Team Suits may be purchased from B&B Aquatics located at 1747 Clarkson Road Chesterfield, MO 63017. Team suits are NOT required.  Any competitive type swim suit may be worn. No bikinis or suits that may fall off when diving in.
  • Swim Team Caps can be purchased the first week of the season at the pool.
  • Athletes should be there to swim and learn.  Horseplay, outside of designated game times, will not be allowed. Please keep the coaches informed of meet dates that will be missed. 
  • LIFEGUARDS WILL BE ON DUTY DURING PRACTICES but every parent needs to keep an eye on their small children who are on the deck.  The coaches will be watching the swimmers, not the spectators.  This applies especially to the diving well area.  Parents MUST watch their children.
  • Families must work at 3/5 swim meets and Conference. Diver families must work 2 dive meets and conference. Details are listed on the Volunteer tab at the top of this page.

Fee Structure

                                                Discount Registration April 15 –  May 15

Number of Athletes

Swimming OR Dive only

Swimming & Dive

Fee after May 15, 2022

1 Family Member*




2 Family Members*




3+ Family Members*











*Fee for swimmers/divers age 15-18 is $75 swimming or diving only and $125 swim & dive

Please note:  There is an optional fundraiser that runs from April 15th through May 15th to help you to offset your fees.