Jenks Trojan Swim Team is a seasonal high school team offering high-quality coaching and technique instruction. The goal of our team is to provide our swimmers an opportunity to improve their swimming skills and achieve success. Our environment is incredibly valuable for the growth of our swimmers. 

Jenks High School's swim team is looking forward to continued growth in both size and strength. We believe in every swimmer's potential for greatness and we work hard to help each and every one of them succeed. 


A Note from the Coach

I’m Diego H, your head coach. I hope our Jenks High school traditions of excellence that were established by former Coach John Turner and his athletes remain for years to come. I truly believe this is the best swim program in Oklahoma. We have high expectations for our swimmers!  Enthusiasm, hard work, and team spirit are required of all Jenks student-athlete. Parents, please support them by participating in the Jenks HS Swim booster club.

Trojans for life!