Team Mission Statement

The King Farm Screamin' Geese Swim Team has been formed to encourage informal, friendly competition at the neighborhood pool level and provide young people with the opportunity to participate in team competition during the summer within a fair and wholesome environment, in order to develop athletic skills, encourage sportsmanship and teamwork, and make neighborhood friends. The goal is to help the young people feel good about themselves, grow as individuals, and learn to work effectively with coaches and teammates in an environment where every participant is a valued member of the team. The primary purpose of the competitive swim program is for the children to have fun while they grow and develop. 

About The League

The Screamin' Geese compete in the Montgomery County Swim League (MCSL). MCSL sponsors competitive swimming and other activities among the swimming pools and organizations in Montgomery County, MD. The goals of the program include helping young people establish a love for the sport of swimming, advanced aquatic skills, teamwork, and the principles of good sportsmanship. For more information, please visit

History Of Our Team

The Screamin' Geese entered the MCSL in 2000 as a "provisional team", enjoying the competition with our small but dedicated team made up of the first children to live in King Farm.

We were named "Screamin' Geese" after the flocks of incredibly loud geese that flew over and landed in the wide open spaces of King Farm before all those homes were built! As our neighborhood and team populations grew, we gained a greater ability to compete with larger, more established teams.

We were accepted for full MCSL membership in 2003, and in 2004 won 2 meets - our first-ever dual meet victories. Also in '04, we sent our first swimmer to the Coach's Long Course Invitational, sent 8 relay teams to the All-Star Relay Meet, and our first individual swimmer to the All-Star Individual Meet. In 2005 the Screamin' Geese had their first winning season under Head Coach Ethan Bassett and sent two swimmers to All-Stars.

In 2006, the Geese moved from the "O" to the "N" division in the MCSL and won Division "N" in an undefeated season, sweeping all dual meets and the Divisional meet at season's end. The successful 2006 season allowed the Screamin' Geese to jump two division to compete in Division "L" in 2007. Due to the continued success during the 2007 season, the team once again moved up two more divisions to Division "J" for 2008. While we are proud of the individuals who have risen to the top of the League, the team continues to stress the primary importance of team spirit and community solidarity.

King Farm Swim Team Division History

  • 2019-  Division G  
  • 2018-  Division D 
  • 2017-  Division E  
  • 2016-  Division F  
  • 2015-  Division E  
  • 2014-  Division E
  • 2013 - Division E
  • 2012 - Division F
  • 2011 - Division G
  • 2010 - Division I
  • 2009 - Division I
  • 2008 - Division J
  • 2007 - Division L
  • 2006 - Division N
  • 2005 - Division O
  • 2004 -