Waters Landing Thunder Swim Team


Members of the Montgomery County Swim League


Division M



TEAM REPRESENTATIVES:                                   


Lydia Fraser                                                         

Christy Jordan

Jennifer Stonesifer

Danielle Deavers


**Team Rep Contact Information:




Head Coach                                     Nicole Fisher

Assistant Head Coach                     Riley Bogren

Pre-Team Head Coach                    Ella Bogren  

Assistant Pre-Team Coach              Sofie Allison    

Junior Coaches                                Kai Vilbig

                                                         Abbie Allison

Spirit Manager                                  Lauren Badger






Automation                        Jessica Badger    

Assistant Automation        Jill Bradbury    

Cafe Coordinator               VACANT    

Assistant Cafe                   VACANT    

Pep Breakfast                    Ginger  Stennett    

Photos                                VACANT    

Record Board                     Jessica Badger     

Ribbons                              Elise Burgess    

Social Committee               Annie  Duda

Thunder Wear                    Jennifer  Stonesifer, Bob  Karyshyn, Christy Jordan

Treasurer                           Jay & Beth Cunningham




The first Waters Landing Swim Team was organized in 1985, and competed in the Gaithersburg-Germantown Fun League through the 1988 season.  During these first few seasons the team was known as the "Waters Landing Aquatics Swim Team" and team colors were purple and white.  In 1989 the team joined the Montgomery County Swim League (MCSL), changed its name to "Thunder", and changed team colors to red and black.  During Thunder's first five years in the MCSL the team compiled an enviable 25-0 record in dual meets - quite a feat considering that some years the team had barely enough swimmers to fill all lanes!  As the Waters Landing Community has grown however, so has our swim team.  The team has more than doubled in size, seen its first swimmers graduate from college, and continues to welcome a whole new group of  "8 and Thunders".

The team also has a history of having been well supported by our parents.  Week after week, season after season, people have stepped forward to do the many jobs necessary for the meets to run smoothly.  It is truly a key ingredient to our team's success.

While the team has been awarded many trophies over the years, our primary goal remains what it has always been: to provide a fun, safe, community-based activity, where children can develop a love for the sport of swimming, and in which all members of the family can participate.  All of us who work behind the scenes are looking forward to another great season.

Our team stresses fun, fitness and safety through competitive swimming.  Waters Landing Thunder swim team extends a sincere thank you to the Waters Landing Homeowners Association for their support of our swim team.  Their financial support enables us to have a thriving team of approximately 140 swimmers, develop student coaches, and maintain a consistent experienced coaching staff.  Our community recognizes the importance of creating a positive family atmosphere where our children can develop their swimming skills, overall confidence, and lasting friendships. Maintaining a swim team requires many diverse skills and can be a lot of work, but at Waters Landing we always find a way to make it an enjoyable experience for the whole family.



The Montgomery County Swim League (MCSL) sponsors competitive swimming and other activities among the swimming pools and organizations in Montgomery County, Maryland.  The goals of the program include helping young people establish a love for the sport of swimming, advanced aquatic skills, teamwork, and the principles of good sportsmanship.  Waters Landing belongs to the Montgomery County Swim League, a league of over 80 teams and 6,000 swimmers.  The league began in the late 1950's, "to encourage informal, friendly team competition during the summer, within a fair and wholesome environment, in order to develop athletic skills, encourage sportsmanship and teamwork, and foster an appreciation of the relationship between effort and success." (MCSL rule 1.)

MCSL is organized by divisions of six teams, from the most competitive in A division to the least competitive in the O division.  Currently we are in  Division M, where we will compete in five Saturday morning meets, a Relay Carnival and Divisional.


SENECA B LEAGUE – (Wednesday Meets)

See Seneca B League Guide on the Thunder website.

In addition, we have joined five local MCSL teams in the Seneca B League.  We will have five Wednesday evening meets, a B Relay Carnival and B Superstars meet. Participation of or  PreTeam program swimmers  are given the opportunity to take part in the meet half time kick board race. Our goal is to have most of our pre-team swimmers swim in a Wednesday night B meet before the end of the season. 



Team members are residents of the Waters Landing Community with valid pool passes, are at least 5 and no older than 18 on June 1, 2018 and must be covered by their family's medical insurance.




               1. Saturday Morning "A" Meet Swimmers

Three swimmers compete in each event on Saturday morning. Usually the fastest three swimmers of each event compete; however, it is at the discretion of the coach to choose the swimmers based on a variety of factors including other events entered, attendance at practice, and effort put forth by the swimmer, as well as times. Times are evaluated every week to give each swimmer an opportunity to demonstrate improvement and compete in "A" meets. For all age groups, six freestyle swimmers will compete.


               2. Wednesday Night "B" Meet Swimmers

               Eligibility rules are:

  1. All swimmers must perform a “legal” stroke in order to participate.
  2. General:  A swimmer is eligible to swim:
  3. Swimmer may swim individual event (including the IM) only once per week in either an A or B meet.
  4. Swimmer may swim a total of three individual strokes and the I.M. per meet.


               3.    Exhibition Swimmers

  1. Refer to updated Seneca B League Guidelines on the Thunder website.




For those swimmers who are comfortable with their face in the water and are able to swim one half a length of the pool in either freestyle or backstroke, we are offering our Pre-Team.  Members of the Pre-Team will practice either at morning or evening practice, but not both.  Those children who attend practice in the morning can come to evening practices only as a make-up. Those children who attend evening practice can attend morning practice when evenings practices do not meet.  Note:  there are fewer evening practices than morning practices. No swimmer will be allowed to practice before being evaluated and fully registered.


All decisions on Team / Pre-Team eligibility rest solely with the coaching staff.

Pre-Team swimmers may join the team at any time during the season once they can swim 25 meters with their face in the water.  Swimmers may compete in B meets once they can legally swim 25 meters of the stroke in one minute or less otherwise they are eligible to take part in the Kick Board race.


SWIM TEAM PRACTICES – (see practice schedule on the Thunder web site)

Swim team members are welcome to come to as many practices as possible both morning and evening.  Practice helps develop skills, get fit fast, and have fun!

Pre-team members may attend either the morning or evening practices, not both.



Thanks to the generous support of the Waters Landing Homeowners  Association, our costs are among the lowest in the county.  Registration and fees are $100 for each swimmer in the family, with a cap of $300 per family.  We welcome all swimmers in the Waters Landing Community.

The team suit and jammers can be purchased online through our website and through local swim stores Aardvark in Rockville.    Purchase is not mandatory.



“A” Pool                         Father Hurley Blvd.      301-972-9818

“B” Pool                         Waters Landing Drive   301-972-9727




  • Check your team calendar.
  • Check emails from the Reps and Coaches
  • Regularly check your family folder in the team box,  and keep your parents informed.
  • Be on time for practices; arrive 5 minutes before start time.  
  • Notify the coaches of swimmer availability for Wednesday and Saturday meets by signing out of meets on the web site (they must know by 10 AM Thursday if your child is not available for Saturday's meet and by Monday evening for Wednesday meets).
  • Be on time for warm-ups at swim meets.
  • Cheer for your teammates.
  • It is the responsibility of the swimmer to come to the coaches after they swim an event in a meet to get feedback.
  • Stay in the team area during meets so Coaches know where you area.
  • Help keeping team area clean and help pick up at the end of each meet.
  • SSL  hours can be earned by various volunteer opportunities including assisting Pre-Team members at practice, and help with set up of home meets. 



•             Notify the coaches of swimmer availability for Wednesday and Saturday meets by signing out         of meets on the web site (they must know by 10 AM Thursday if your child is not available for          Saturday's meet and by Monday evening for Wednesday meets).

  • Check your email from the team and check in with the team’s web site
  • Swimmers do not leave a meet unless they have talked with a Coach first. Your child may be needed in an additional race and or relay.
  • Know where your family folder is in the team box and check it regularly if your child does not.  Keep informed.
  • Make sure that your swimmer(s) are at the pool during their practice time.
  • Post the team calendar in your home and know your swimmer(s)' schedule.
  • Transport your swimmer(s) to and from meets and practices.
  • Supervise your children at meets and activities.  Meet swimmer must stay in the team area at all times so Coaches prepare them for their event.
  • Help with your swimmer(s)' nutrition.
  • Refer to the MCSL handbook for swimming and meet rules, locations, phone numbers, times, records, etc.
  • Volunteer your time at least five full meets during the season (officials, timers, café help, automation, and ribbons are just a few choices) - there are a variety of jobs to suit everyone's interests!
  • Attend parent meetings to have your questions answered and to address any team issues.
  • Do not talk to your child during practice unless there is an emergency. (Parents and younger siblings must be clear of the deck area where coaches stand during practice)
  • Any question or comments you have for the coaches should be addressed before or after practice, or put a note in their folder in the team box.
  • Cheer for all children, not just your own.


  • E-Mail from the Team Reps and Coaches
  • Consult your team calendar.
  • Team web page (
  • Listen to team announcements at pep breakfast Friday. 
  • Line-ups for Saturday meets are posted at Thursday evening's practice.
  • Attend the team meeting in early June. 
  • For  practice and/or meet cancelations due to thunderstorms check your email!



Lineups for Saturday mornings are posted at the B Pool and will be emailed on Thursday evening.  Times are reevaluated after EVERY meet in order to ensure correct placement for Saturday meets.

Lineups for Wednesday evening meets are determined after sign-ups are closed.  Swimmers may be signed up for any and all events for which they are eligible (see above for eligibility rules).  Coaches will post the line-up by Sunday evening, allowing for questions/concerns on Monday.  The Wednesday line-up will be finalized Monday evening. We cannot enter a swimmer at the pool just before the meet begins!  This is a league policy.

IMPORTANT: If you will not be able to participate in a meet, please sign your swimmer(s) out using the team’s website.

Friday Morning PEP BREAKFAST

Saturday Swimmers Practice 8:30-9:15

All Team Swimmers – Game Day 9:45-10:15

Pre Team Practice 10:15-10:45


Pep Breakfast is a favorite activity all swimmers young and old look forward to. The Friday before each Saturday meet, one age group will bring breakfast for all swimmers (including our pre-team) to enjoy.  Coaches will make announcements, recap the week’s events, share important information for the Saturday meet and hand out special “Star Awards.  Please note on the calendar when your child or children are expected to bring food.  We provide the juice, cream cheese and paper products, you provide bagels, fruit, muffins, or donuts.... use your imagination, but try and make it healthy.  This is a great time for all parents to support the team and a great time for all the swimmers to enjoy a wonderful breakfast buffet after a full week of swimming.  Please bring food around 8:30 am. Pep breakfast is from 9:15 - 9:45 am.


Our awards banquet will be held at the end of the season at Pool A.  At this time the following awards will be given:

  • Individual awards for every swim team member who has competed in at least one meet.
  • Team Overall High Point Winner male and female
  • High point  swimmers in each age group, male and female
  • The Waters Landing Thunder Award for outstanding team spirit
  • Coaches' special "fun" awards
  • Coach recognition
  • Most Improved Swimmer Award



  • Dual meet  are competitions between 2 teams in the Division
  • Events at Dual Meets iInclude Freestyle, Backstroke, Breaststroke, Butterfly, Individual Medal, and Relays (not at B meets)
  • Have about 50 events and typically last 2 to 3 hours
  • Award ribbons for the top 6 swimmers on Saturdays, Freestyle Relay awarded to top 4 places. top 6 on Wednesdays with
  • In individual events scoring for A  meets is as follows:
  •               1st place        6 points                     4th place  2 points
  •               2nd place       4 points                    5th place  1 point
  •               3rd place        3 points                    6th place  0 points
  • In events having more than one heat, results of all heats are combined to determine points and awards.
  • Relay Events are scored in A meets.
  • Open Age Medley Relay
    • 1st place     8 points
    • 2nd place     4 points
  • Graduated Freestyle Relay (notice this event has changed from 150 meters to 175 meters,
    • 9-10 = 2 lengths; 11-12 = 2 lengths, 13-14= 2 lengths and 8 & U = 1 length)
    • 1st place     8 points        3rd place      2 points
    • 2nd place     4 points        4th place      0 points


  • A and B Relay Carnivals

 Consist of 4 person (girls, boys and mixed) teams, swimming a variety of relay races.  Scoring at a Relay Carnival is as follows:

  • 1st place     14 points      4th place      6 points
  • 2nd place    10 points      5th place      4 point
  • 3rd place     8 points        6th place      2 points


Each of the six teams in the Division may enter two swimmers in each event.  The meet will follow a standard Saturday meet format, with two heats of each individual event.  Swimmers will be placed in order of times.

 Scoring for individual events is as follows:

         1st place     16 points      7th place      7 points

         2nd place     13 points      8th place      5 point

         3rd place     12 points      9th place      4 points

         4th place     11 points      10th place    3 points

         5th place     10 points      11th place    2 point

         6th place     9 points        12th place    1 points


Scoring for relay events at the Divisional Meet:

         1st place     28 points      4th place      12 points

         2nd place     20 points      5th place      8 point

         3rd place     16 points      6th place      4 points



Coaches Invitational Long Course Swim Meet  -

The top 8 fastest swimmers in MCSL, plus 2 alternates, in each age group and individual event are invited to participate in this swim meet.  Times are based on the first 3 dual A meets.  The events will be the same as in regular dual meets, but with double the distances they normally swim.  Swimmers can only participate in 2 events.


B League Superstars Meet - Swimmers not swimming in two or more events at Divisionals are eligible to swim in the Superstars meet.  Swimmers are limited to 2 events (plus IM, excluding Relay).  Swimmers may not swim the one event they will be swimming at Divisionals.  There will be no exhibition swimming at this meet.  All swimmers must have a time to participate in an event.

Individual All-Star Swim Meet- The top 16 swimmers in MCSL, plus 3 alternates in each age group and individual event participate in this event.  Swimmers can only compete in 3 events.

All-Star Relay Meet - The relay team with the fastest official time within each MCSL division, in all relay events, will be invited to attend this meet.  These times are determined from the A relay, A meets, and the Divisional Meet.


Mimi Meets are sponsored by various MCSL swim teams typically for the 8 and under swimmer, including Pre Team kick boarders.  .  It is up to the discretion of the Coach to decide which of the meets our team will take part in.  Mini Meets give  the young swimmer the opportunity  to compete,  practice skills and earn some cool ribbons.