Thinking about joining our swim team? Maybe you're a returning member, but still have some questions... Hopefully the information you find under these tabs will help you out!

What is Swim Team all about?

The MBII Swim Team is one of 23 area pools in the Naperville Swim Conference. The NSC provides an activity that encouarges the involvement of both parents and child where every swimmer participates and will gain a sense of accomplishement. This enables the swimmer to feel good about themselves, develop good sportsmanship, and have an opportunity to enhance their competitive swimming abilities.

Maplebrook II Swim Team objectives are to:

  • Participate in a healthy, fun activity with family and friends
  • Build on the swimming skills learned in swimming lessons
  • Gain satisfaction from personal improvement and achievement
  • Develop self-confidence and responsibility to meet new challenges

While this is a competitive program, MBII's emphasis is on skill development and fun. Our team's motto is "Swim for fun and your personal best!" We award ribbons for every race at every meet. In addition to ribbons, we have incentives to acknowledge "personal best time" achievements.