Q: What is the WVSC and its philosophy?

A: The Wallkill Valley Swim Conference is a summer recreational program that is committed to the development of the enjoyment of swimming while teaching responsibility, camaraderie, sportsmanship with respect for teammates and opponents, and establishing a positive attitude towards competition. Summer recreational swimming is defined as a program to encourage children to swim for self-improvement, to establish a team identity and philosophy, and to develop a love for a sport that could benefit them in the future. Coaches, parents, and swimmers are to view competition with a positive attitude whether the team or individual is victorious or not. These are children and we want them to gain from this summer recreational program is team spirit, self-worth, and a positive attitude about themselves, others, and competition.

Q - Where can I find our meet schedule?

A - The meet schedule will be known the last week of May. You will find the schedule on the HOME page of this website through the bottom tab to the lefft of the homepage. This will let you know when everything is happening!


Q - How old do I need to be a Newton Shark?

A - Swimmers must be between ages 5 and 18 as of July 1st 

Q - I'm a new swimmer. What if I've never competed before?

A - That's okay! You just need to swim 25 yards without assistance.

Q - I'm going to miss a practice. What do I do?

A - While practice is very important, we understand a missed practice here and there. There is no need to contact coaches in these cases. If you will miss a week of practice due to vacation, please tell your coach.

Q - When is practice?

A - Practice is offered twice a day:  AM and PM. 7:45AM 11 and up; 8:45AM 10 and under. SIX AND UNDERS practice at 8:45AM EXCEPT for the first week of practice due to varying school schedules. 6PM practice open to ALL AGE groups EXCEPT 6 and unders the month of July. We ask swimmers to attend only ONE practice per day. 

Q - What do I bring to practice?

A - Swimmers are expected to be ready for practice at start time. Come prepared for practice - wear your swim suit! Bring a towel, cap, goggles, and a water bottle. We ask that all swimmers apply their sunscreen at least 30 minutes before practice so it doesn't wash off in the pool. 

Q - What do I bring to a meet?

A - Wear your team suit and bring your team cap, goggles, towel, water bottle, snacks and/or money for the snack stand, and a sweatshirt. It gets cool at night. 

Q - How many meets during the season? 

A - We normally have 4 home meets, 3 away. A current calendar will be available in May. 

Q - I'm going to miss a meet. What do I do?

A - Please tell your coach 48 hours prior to the meet. If you discover the day of the meet that you will be late or miss the meet, please call/text Coach Jess!

Q - How many meets do I need to swim in?

A - Team policy mandates that swimmers participate in no less than 50% of our scheduled home AND away meets.

Q - How will I know if I qualify for Championships?

A - Qualifying times can be found under the CHAMPIONSHIPS tab of this website. Coach Jess will also publish cut off times and swimmers qualifying times approximately the third week of July. 

Q- What is the Invitational?

A - The NW Jersey Invitational is an all-day swim meet that the Newton Swim Team hosts every summer. It is an all-day team building event where we compete against 12 other teams and hopefully bring home a trophy – or more! It is also another opportunity to qualify for championships. Swimmers get to choose what events they want to swim! Choose up to 4 events – including some 100 meter events -  to improve times for championships. The top 12 places are awarded with ribbons and medals.

Q – What are Time Trials?

A – The Kittatinny Barracudas host an evening event in conjunction with the WVSC Swim-a-long. Unlike the invitational, this is not a team competition, but an opportunity to swim 4 chosen events to improve times for championships and raise money for our league chosen Swim-a-long charity.

Q – Swim-a-long? What’s that?

All teams in the Wallkill Valley Swim Conference collectively raise funds for a common cause. This year, all teams will swim laps for one hour to raise money for the Sussex County Food Bank. Swimmers are asked to solicit sponsors by lap or for a set donation. For example, 10 cents or more per lap OR a set dollar amount donation for the event. Newton Sharks can swim more than 100 laps and more when motivated by a good cause!


Q - What can parents do to help the team? 

A - This is a family run swim team. The only paid adults are the coaches - all parents volunteer to help run the meets and team.  If you haven't already, complete BOTH volunteer forms found in the documents section. Families are expected to volunteer to work at least THREE separate meets. Families are asked to donate food items for at least two meets OR OPT OUT of food donations with a $30 donation. Store bought donations for the Invitational are MANDATORY as this is our largest fundraiser.

Q - I don't know how to work a swim meet. What can I do?

A - NO experience needed! We will teach you!  While we won't be able to host our traditional Mock Meet this year, we do encourage new parents to shadow veteran parents during our first meet. Partner up and learn how easy it is to run a meet as a team of parent Sharks. 

Q - Want to get more involved?

A - Just ask! You can volunteer to join a committee or train to become a member of the board!  We need parents to help with scheduling, membership, invitational, awards, end of season picnic, historical records, and social media.  It's a fun and fast paced season. Join the parent side of the fun!