This is a YMCA League and the following associations have elected to be governed by
these regulations as a basis for competition:
Allegheny Valley, Baierl (Pittsburgh), Blair Regional, Butler, Greater Johnstown, Greensburg, Grove City,
Indiana, Ligonier Valley, Mon Valley, New Castle, Richard G. Snyder, Rose E. Schneider, Sampson Family
(Pittsburgh), Sewickley, Shenango Valley, Thelma Lovette (Pittsburgh),and Uniontown.
The head coach or aquatics director from each association shall sign the League Code of
Conduct at the start of each season. The association will forfeit all dual meets until the
signed code is received by the League President.

The League officers shall be President, Vice-president, Secretary, and Treasurer. A meeting
will be called biannually, once before the season and once following the season, with appropriate
notification to the members. Discussions at these meetings will include the addition of League members,
election of officers, selection of dates for swim meets, and any other business pertinent to the welfare of
the League.
* The League Secretary or President must notify each team via email with the email address on record
of the date and time of the Spring and Fall meetings. Each team will be assessed $50.00 if one
representative is not present at the meeting. All dual meets will be forfeited until the fine is paid.

Structure of the league will not be formally set forth in these rules. The format is deliberately left open so
the league can be restructured to respond to conditions and circumstances of any given year. A majority
vote by the members present at the league meeting or via email can change existing format. Each
association is entitled to one vote.

New teams wishing to join the swim league must make an application for membership at a regular league
organizational meeting or via email to the league President.
Current member teams who fail to complete a season or “drop out” of the league for a season must reapply
to the league for admittance as if they were a new team.

Annual dues from each association are payable on notice from the Treasurer. The
amount of the dues will be determined each year at the annual meeting of the league.
Dues are to be paid to the league Treasurer on or before December 1st. After
the due date, a late fee of $10.00 per month will be assessed until dues are paid.

At the beginning of each swim season at the regular league meeting, teams will be notified of the fees due
for the season.


1. A competitor must be an amateur and a member in good standing, entitled to physical activity
privileges, of the association represented. A swimmer is prohibited from competition in this league if he
or she represents any other organization (except academic teams – i.e. junior high or high school) in
open or closed competition during the period of September 1 to April 30 of a given year.
2. A swimmer must be a “bona fide” member of the team he/she is representing in dual meet competition.
To be considered bona fide, a swimmer must practice 100% of his/her practices with the represented
team, with the exception of varsity high school swimmers who practice primarily with their high school
teams. Any swimmer who is not a bona fide swimmer, but represents a team in dual meet competition
shall be disqualified from that meet.

1. No swimmer may transfer affiliation within the WPYSL during the competitive season (September 1 –
April 30) and represent the gaining association unless one of the following is met:
a. A written release is granted by the previous association as outlined in the Rules which Govern YMCA
competitive Sports. A written release form is available for all teams on the WPYSL website.
b. Swimmer has a change of residency to another association (not a business address).
2. Competition in YMCA championship meets will be governed by the Principles and Rules of the PA Region
Competitive Committee and representation in USA meets will be in accordance with the rules of United
States Swimming.

The rules of the current USA Swimming Technical Rules will apply except as provided
below. Events will be established by YMCA PA Region Competitive Committee for the
District and State Championship programs. Where there is any conflict, the YMCA
policy will supersede. Any questions that may arise should be referred to the League
1. Swimmers in “AA” sections shall be restricted to four official events, which may include a maximum of
three individual events. Swimmers in “A” sections shall be restricted to five official events, which may
include a maximum of three individual events.
2. Teams are permitted to put each swimmer in one exhibition event per meet.
3. During the dual meet season, any number of swimmers may be moved up to the next higher age group.

4. A swimmer may compete in only one age group of his/her sex on any one day.
5. A swimmer may not compete in a lower age group except when swimming exhibition.
6. A swimmer’s age on December 1st determines the proper age for competition in dual meets and
championship meets during the swimming season.
7. After a swimmer has committed a false start, that swimmer may, at the discretion of the meet referee,
swim the race. However, the disqualification must stand.
8. Coaching staff as used in this rule is defined as anyone holding coaching credentials issued by the PA
Region Competitive Committee for that year’s District Championships and/or has been a paid member of
the coaching staff within that same season. In any dual meet in the WPYSL a swimming official may not
be a member of the coaching staff. of either of the competing associations, unless that person is
approved, in writing prior to the meet, by the head coach of both associations.

For league dual meets, the meet must be held in a 25-yard pool. The distance for events
will be the same as those prescribed for championship meets by the Pennsylvania Region
Competitive Committee.
1. The meets will be seeded by time. The visiting team must send their lineup entries to
the host team no later than noon the Thursday before the meet. Host team must
send a copy of the seeded meet to the visiting team no later than noon the Friday before
the meet.
2. Whenever possible, each association shall provide an equal number of officials
for dual meets (I.E. home team – ref, visiting team – starter, stroke and turn from both teams). Officials
shall in all cases be guided by the current USA Swimming Technical Rules except as provided in this
3. Every effort will be made by the host association to provide facilities and equipment
necessary for a proper meet including lane ropes, starting blocks, backstroke flags, lap
counters, starting system, etc.
4. Entries will be constituted by a swimmer starting an event. The swimmer may
not be changed to exhibition after an event has occurred.
5. Dual Meet Scoring:
Individual events: 7-4-3-2-1, with a maximum of three scorers from a team.
Relays: 8-4-2, with only the top two relays from a team eligible to score.
Divisional scores are no longer maintained. Team scores are cumulative totals.
6. Meets may be postponed due to the following:
a. Unhealthful pool conditions (preferred 24-hour notice)
b. Energy cutbacks (preferred 24-hour notice)
c. Any unforeseen problem with the facility
d. Weather:
(1) Notice of the postponement for inclement weather will be reported to the league prior to the
traveling team’s scheduled departure time the day of the meet.

Postponement due to bad weather should be based upon weather conditions the morning of the competition and the

latest forecast for that day. Both coaches should discuss the weather conditions in their respective areas.
(3) It is the responsibility of the visiting team to contact the host team to discuss weather conditions.
If no attempts are made, the visiting team will forfeit the meet. If necessary, it will be the
responsibility of the protest committee to decide if all reasonable attempts to contact the host
team have been made.
e. League meets will not be postponed for swimmers to participate in non-YMCA
f. If two teams cannot agree on a date for rescheduling, the executive committee shall set
a date.
7. In the event of an unforeseen delay, such as car trouble or bad weather, the host team
should be notified for delays in excess of 30 minutes. If a longer delay or
cancellation is necessary, host teams may consider rescheduling the meet if sufficient
pool time is not available to swim an entire meet. A minimum of 15-minute warm-up
period (total pool use) or a 30-minute warm-up (3 lane use) must be provided by the host
team. Meets will not be delayed to allow swimmers to participate in two meets on the
same day.
8. Each host team will be responsible for reporting meet scores via email to [email protected]
Additionally, it is the responsibility of the host team to provide the league a pdf of complete meet results.
Scores & results must be received by the league no later than the Tuesday evening following the dual meet.
Teams will be fined $25.00 if dual meet results are not sent to the league email account within 1 week.
9. Meet results will be uploaded to the league website upon receipt of
result reports from all host teams.
10. The President will appoint a Protest Committee to hear team protests resulting in
violations or exception of league rules during the current season. The committee shall be
made up of the Executive Committee and three at-large league members. Protests must
be submitted in writing to the league President and the opposing team no later than 6 days
after the protested meet. All protests must be accompanied by a $20.00 check made
payable to WPYSL which will be returned to the protesting team if their protest is
upheld. Protest letters must cite the section and paragraph which the protesting team
feels were violated. The opposing team then has 6 days to respond in writing to the league
president. All protests must be done by postal mail.
11. Any discrepancies involving USA Swimming Technical rules during dual meets may not
be protested. Discrepancies during dual meets must be handled by the meet referee. His/Her decision is
final as of the conclusion of the meet. The USA Swimming Technical Rules may be adapted to suit the
league prior to the start of the season by obtaining a majority vote at one of the league meetings.