South Carolina Swim Club

The Lowcountry’s Finest: Home-grown Excellence
Charleston is known for it's home-grown excellence in many ways. We're home-grown in that we smile at each other, we live relaxed lives, we enjoy good food and drink, we respect our beautiful beaches, and we look after our communities. We're excellent in that in addition to this nurturing, laid-back lifestyle, we excel at everything we put our effort toward.

South Carolina Swim Club epitomizes the spirit of Charleston in both of these ways. It's easy to forget as we're all snacking and laughing together after practice, but we're the Lowcountry's finest, one of the top competitive swim teams in the state, and even the whole United States. We believe that this Charleston spirit is what sets us apart: we're a big family, full of fun and love, and we're also the best family.

Our Mission
Developing student-athletes and igniting life champions through excellence in swimming.

Our Vision
Building the best and most comprehensive swim program in the country by cultivating excellence at all levels, retaining the best staff, promoting outstanding volunteer support, establishing state of the art facilities and inspiring every individual to achieve the highest potential of personal development.

The Best Family: Born for Greatness
Within its very first year of existence, SCSC was already named one of the top USA Swimming programs in the nation, earning Bronze Medal status in the USA Swimming Club Excellence program. Additionally, SCSC continued to earn its stripes through back-to-back State Championship titles in its first two seasons. We credit our success to the home-grown excellence mentioned above, and more specifically to many tried-and-true methods of instruction. Because SCSC’s practice groups are organized by age, experience, and ability within these age groups, swimmers are able to train specifically to their needs through finely-tuned instruction. The SCSC Full-Time Coaches commit 100% of their time, energy, and resources to providing the most up-to-date, professional instruction in the sport of swimming*. Using visual examples, video demonstration, and kinesthetic instruction, the coaches effectively equip athletes with knowledge and skills to set them up for a lifetime enjoyment in the sport.​
*not pictured here: dedicated meetings and literally hundreds of emails between the coaching staff discussing new techniques, swimming videos, world-record races, scholarly athletic studies, etc.

Our History
South Carolina Swim Club began in 2016 as a merger of two existing swim teams, the Mount Pleasant Swim Club (MPSC), and the LTP Racing Club in Mount Pleasant, SC. Swimmers train in four pools located in Mount Pleasant and North Charleston, SC. Having both short-course and long-course pools allows SCSC to train swimmers at all levels, all year round.

The legacy Mount Pleasant Swim Club was established over a decade ago as part of the local recreation department. MPSC became a parent-governed team in 2013. The legacy LTP Racing Club began in 2012 and also grew in size and recognition throughout the swim community for offering technique instruction for all ages.


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