Team Sponsors
In 1985, a USS swim program called the Lake Mead Aquatics Swim Team was run by Steve Myers and rented pool time at the Boulder City Pool. At that time, Mike Polk was Head Coach of the Sandpiper Swim Team and came to assist with the Lake Mead Aquatics program.  In 1986, the two teams merged. Later that same year, Stana Hurlburt moved to the area and, with the departure of Steve, became Mike’s Assistant Coach.
By September of 1990, some members of the Sandpiper club decided to leave and Mike took over as head coach of the newly formed age group, USS-affiliated club named the Boulder City Swim Team which incorporated the existing Boulder CityParks and Recreation Department recreational swim program and other local swimmers.
In the fall of 1991, with the assistance of Bob Swift, Mike expanded the Boulder City Swim Team to Lorin L. Williams Pool in Henderson, changing the teams name to Boulder City-Henderson (BCH).  As new pools have opened in Henderson, Silver Springs, Whitney Ranch,and Multigenerational Complex, the team has grown and these pools have been added to the BCH family.
Green Valley High School named Coach Mike Polk to their Hall of Fame in 1998 and in 2000, Mikewas named "Coach of the Year" by Southern California Swimming.
Many of our young athletes excel academically because of the commitment and dedication required for competitive swimming. There are many swimmers currently on the BCH Swim Team that have achieved top honors in both school and swimming.  Several foreign exchange students also have chosen our team to work out with and compete with while in the United States.
Since its inception, many BCH swimmers have achieved national ranking and/or earned college scholarships.  These are only a few:
Lea Hurlburt - UNLV                                  
Scott Smale - Northwestern                                                 
Renee Lixfield - Georgetown                                                 
Chris Harris - Michigan State                                                     
Liz French - UNR                                           
Tait Ecklund - Trinity
Bill McCormick - Brown                                  
Katie Aldworth - UC, Berkley
Alex Candelario - UNLV                                  
Trisha Healey - UNLV
Jason Reed - Claremont                                 
Olivia Hersted - UNR
Bob Smale - UNLV                                         
Timery Chambers - UNLV
Garrett Wood - UNLV                                      
Riva Davidson - UNR
Andy Burnett - Evansville. IN
Craig Batin - Columbia, NY
Katie Tyler - Loyola Marymount, CA
Kurt Cady - Auburn, AL
Blakeley Bunch - Auburn, AL
Zane Grothe - Auburn
Robert Hommel - Stanford
Jacob Luna - Harvard
Samantha Harrison - Oregon State
Dylan Bunch - Denver
Megan Purdy - Northwestern
Joey Gebhart - Airforce Acadamy
Michael Velazquez - Naval Acadamy
Alex Hubel - UCLA