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Puma Aquatics offers the most comprehensive and professional swim club on the Central Coast!


Answers to your "Membership Information" questions, like "What parents need to know..." & "Swim Assessment Information (by site)" can be found HERE.


If you are interested in joining Puma Aquatics, then the first thing you will need to do is fill out a Swim Assessment Form and make arrangements for your swimmer to come into any of our four locations for a swim assessment with our staff.  Site specific Swim Assessment Information can be found HERE.

Puma Aquatics is a supportive, positive swim family for the youth of San Luis Obispo County.  The Puma Aquatics age group program is designed for swimmers ages 5 and over with emphasis on stroke technique, fitness, and goal setting.  These areas of focus, along with the added goals of swimming fast and having fun, are the key ingredients in making Puma Aquatics the premier swim club on the Central Coast.


PUMA Aquatics History

Puma Aquatics was founded in 1996 by coach Alan Freeman. Originally, the team was affiliated with Cuesta College Community Programs and was named Puma after the Cuesta College Cougars. The team was established with a somewhat unique structure. The team is owned and run by the head coach and supported, in part, by a non-profit fundraising entity. That non-profit was, and remains, the Puma Booster Club, Inc. (PBCI).

Jud Clark took over the team in 1998. In January of 2006, Puma Aquatics merged with the Kennedy Club Aquatic Team. The team left Cuesta College and began practicing at the Atascadero Kennedy Club and the SLO Multiplex. In the summer of 2007, the South County Aquatic Waves merged with Puma Aquatics and most recently Puma Aquatics started a novice program at Avila Bay Club in May of 2015.  Puma Aquatics continues to grow and share it's positive philosophy of swimming to hundreds of kids on the Central Coast!

What does it stand for?

Since PUMA is our club code under USA Swimming, it is often written with all capitals. This makes people think that it is an acronym. So what does it stand for?

"Partying Under My Authority" - Coach Jud
"Playing Under Mucho Agua" - Swimmer Gaby
"Pool Urchins Moving Aloft" - Mom Laura


Welcome PUMA Swimmers!

Puma Aquatics is open to youth swimmers of all ages and abilities.  Our swimmers are 5 years old and they are 23 years old. They are training for Olympic Trials and they are just learning how to swim backstroke.  They are learning to start off the blocks without losing their goggles and they are perfecting their breast stroke pull-down.  They are going for that Junior Olympic qualifying time and they are trying to finish a butterfly race without getting disqualified.  They are cheering for their relay teammates during a Fun Friday practice.