The Zenith Aquatic Program (ZAP) is swimmer-centered, coach-driven, parent-supported, and team-minded swim program. We understand that swimmers have different goals and reasons for swimming; our goal is to provide every athlete, regardless of ability, age, or commitment level, a place where they belong and can swim, be challenged and continue to grow personally and athletically. ZAP offers different programs regardless of your age, ability, and reason for getting in the water:

1) Learn-to- swim lessons (fall, spring, summer)

2) Jr. Guard Prep (year-round non-competitive swim conditioning)

3) Swim Squad (Seasonal commitment; offered fall, winter, summer)

4) Premier Team (Year-round competitive swim team)

The coaches evaluate every swimmer so we may help new swimmers align their current ability and goals with our program. Once you get started we continually observe behavior and attendance patterns at practices and meets, overall performances, and carefully consider individual personalities and social development when placing swimmers in the different groups. Premier team group movement usually takes place in early September, November and March.

History and Philosophy

Swimmer-centered, parent-supported, coach driven and TEAM-minded...

zenith (zē-nĭth): the highest point, apex, summit, pinnacle, peak: Listen

The Zenith Aquatic Program was founded with one thing in mind: affording every swimmer the opportunity to achieve his or her highest potential, both in and out of the water. Everything we do, all programs we offer and each event we host, is built around honoring our slogan "Taking swimming to a higher level". No matter their age, ability or ultimate goals, we hold our swimmers and our coaches to the highest standards in conduct/sportsmanship, stroke mechanics, race strategies and life choices. We truly take swimming to a higher level, and always take the high road to get there.

Established in 1999 in Rancho Palos Verdes, CA, the Zenith Aquatic Program (ZAP) started out with two coaches, six swimmers and big hopes and dreams. Over the past thirteen years we have evolved into a full-fledged swim community, offering swim programs for all ages and abilities. To date we have served over 2000 swimmers and currently have a staff of 7 coaches and various consultants. Whether you are just learning to swim as a means of safety, wanting to make swimming your sport, or looking for a fun, safe place for fitness and conditioning, we have a place for you.

Currently, our signature program, our competitive swim team, is a USA Swimming year-round aquatic program offering high quality professional coaching and technique instruction for all ages and abilities. Every swimmer, from novice to national competitor, has the opportunity to define and achieve success and improve swimming skills, in an environment where personal and team excellence is inevitable. We strive to develop high achieving PEOPLE with swimming as the means to getting there. We don't just teach skills to save lives, we also teach skills to live life!

As members of the American Swim Coaches Association (ASCA) and USA Swimming, the ZAP coaching team has access to, and uses, the most comprehensive training and certification programs for coaches of any sport in the United States. Our professional coaches come from an array of different backgrounds and we all found our way to ZAP via different avenues, but we all value what swimming adds to our lives and we strive to be the positive difference makers in the lives of the swimmers we work with.

ZAP coaches and staff are constantly developing and training swimmers of all ages and abilities to maintain the most progressive aquatic program in the South Bay area. We continually evaluate what we offer and how we can be better. With the support of our “ZAPPER Backers" (parents, community, corporate sponsors), we continue to expand our services each year and appreciate the opportunity to serve more swimmers. When you are ready to take yourself to a higher level, we look forward to meeting you!

Families have many choices of competitive sports teams and/or activities for their children. We thank you for taking the time to visit our web site and learn more about our swim program, who we serve, and what we have to offer. When deciding on a program for your swimmer, there are several things you should look for as well as questions you should ask, to ensure a safe and quality environment that matches your family’s philosophy and goals. Researching your choices early will help you make a decision for your family that ensures your swimmer has a quality experience with his/her swim program.