Joining the Manta Ray Aquatics Year Round Swim Team


Thank you for your interest in our year round swim team!  Here is some information on our registration process and the steps you need to take to join the team.


To join the team, a child must be between 5 -18 years old and able to swim one length of the pool without assistance.  Children new to the team must have an assessment session with Coach Cathy to be certain that he or she is ready for the practice environment.  The assessment is not intended to be physically or mentally stressful for the swimmer but will assist us in determining which group your swimmer will be placed in to ensure the best development of the swimmer.


Step 1: Contact MRA - Send an email letting us know you are interested in joining the Manta Rays.  Please include the swimmers age, goals, and any swimming experience.


Step 2: Read the Manta Ray Aquatics Team Handbook - This will answer most questions about the Manta Rays.  


Step 3:  Come to the pool for an assessment - MRA Admin will set up a time for you to come in for an assessment.  You will also have an opportunity to watch a practice and meet the other coaches.


Step 4:  Try us out - We offer a two week tryout period for new swimmers for a non-refundable fee of $35.  


Step 5:  Registration - One of our coaches or another parent will go through the registration process and answer any questions that you have.